The Popcorn Time domain has been taken over by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), but video torrent streaming continues to live on.

A report from TorrentFreak says that the MPAA now owns the domain, which hosted the most in-demand Popcorn Time fork until November last year.

The report says that some of the accused developers have had talks with the MPAA to resolve the dispute out of court. It says that the change in ownership of on Tuesday, from the developer of the site and defendant David Lemarier to the movie industry group, is a great indication that the case is heading towards a resolution.

TorrentFreak is convinced that there is a big possibility that the MPAA would prefer an out-of-court settlement to save money. The group also had a very similar approach in its case against YIFY/YTS, also an infamous piracy group.

Not all is hopeless for Popcorn Time, though. An online app that enables users to continue streaming video torrents has just been released. Popcorn Time Online is the web version of the original Popcorn Time, and it features the same functionalities and appeal of the first version.

The web app is run by a tool called Torrents Time, which allows any user to watch any video format seamlessly and with spectacular quality – something which was not possible with Popcorn Time. Through Popcorn Time Online, users won't need to install a BitTorrent client independently.

The developers even published the source code via GitHub so that those interested may develop their own versions. This implies that Popcorn Time clones may possibly show up in the near future.

Last December, the developers of Popcorn Time Community Edition (PTCE) were reportedly pressured by the MPAA to shut down PTCE and its GitHub Repository.

A month earlier, the MPAA shut down and also filed a case against some developers in Canada. However, this didn't stop the PTCE developers from producing their own Popcorn Time sites.

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