On DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the team recently learned that they only really work well together when they're actually together.

However, they still feel uneasy about learning about Rip's earlier lies, but it seems that his betrayal of the Time Masters finally comes to a head in next week's episode.

In "White Knights," Rip gets a visit from the Time Masters, who offer him a second chance. Of course, that second chance comes with strings attached: Rip must give up his mission of saving the world from Vandal Savage.

It's likely Rip will tell the Time Masters to stuff it, particularly when the mission is much more important to him than his status with his people. Rip knows that he needs his misfit team of antiheroes to defeat Savage, save the world and potentially also save those people he cares about.

"He's arrogant and he's cocky, but he's also a bit hurt," said Arthur Darvill, who portrays Rip on the series, to Collider. "He thinks that he can be the thing to change the world and right all the wrongs of his time, and then he realizes that he can't really. Only with everyone's help, can he do it."

Here's a trailer previewing next week's episode.

There's still a weird question raised by Thursday night's episode of the series, though: Sara mentioned her blood lust as a result of being dumped in the Lazarus Pit. However, in Wednesday night's episode of Arrow, we learned that Sara should no longer have that blood lust because John Constantine returned her soul intact to her body later on.

This revelation came courtesy of Nyssa Al Ghul on Arrow, who explained that there was a way to fix Thea, who also has a blood lust because the pit resurrected her. Is Team Arrow wrong about Sara, then? Will Nyssa's fix also work on Sara (with a storyline that reunites the former lovers)?

Actress Caity Lotz also recently confirmed that Sara still has the bloodlust on Legends of Tomorrow.

"Yes," Lotz said to Den of Geek when asked about it. "It's something they carry on and deal with and I think we eventually will address and hopefully cure."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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