Director Zack Snyder received flak for his rendition of Superman in the 2013 blockbuster film "Man of Steel." The new trailer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" didn't appease fans either, and Snyder responded to criticism on his take on the superhero during the "Hall of Justice" podcast on Feb. 4.

Snyder also discussed the DC films he has worked on, along with the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest - which awards the winner a chance to work with the director in an upcoming Justice League movie.

Most people who've seen "Man of Steel" find Superman's portrayal darker, with some even commenting that he was more concerned with defeating Zod than protecting the innocent people from falling debris. Bruce Wayne would also agree since he does hold a grudge on the Kryptonian superhero for all the destruction in "Batman v Superman."

Of course, although Snyder knows that people didn't like how Superman was portrayed in his films, he insists that he did nothing to change the character, considering the canonical Superman in the comics.

"If you're a comic book fan, you know that I didn't change Superman. If you know the true canon, you know that I didn't change Superman. If you're a fan of the old movies, yeah I changed him a bit," Snyder explained.

The director mentioned that he is a true comic book fan and that he adheres to the comic book canon and not the cinematic canon which is more loose when it comes to interpreting and portraying the Superheroes.

"I'm a bit of a comic book fan and I always default to the true canon... My point is if you know anything about the actual characters, you'll see that they're very much... the mythological characters as they're designed in the comic books," he added.

Does anyone need a shard of ice from outside the Fortress of Solitude for that burn?

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