This Robot Is Not Good At Applying Lipstick


Robots are great, and they're getting better. Things that once took time and effort now no longer even have to be thought about. Of course, they don't always get everything right.

For example, turns out they might not be the best at applying makeup. Simone Giertz found this out when she gave a tube of lipstick to a uArm robot, which is essentially a miniature version of a robot arm that assembles cars.

The video itself is only 6 seconds short, and it shows everything that needs to be shown to prove that robots won't be hired at Sephora in the near future.

During the experiment, she placed the tube of lipstick on the end of the robot and kept a completely straight face. The robot attempts to apply the lipstick on her but it still turned out to be a horrible idea.

Giertz says that she is a robot enthusiast but is not an engineer; however,  she's still experimenting with creating the most annoying alarm clock — a robot that slaps you in the face to wake you up.

On the bright side, the makeup team of Suicide Squad may be able to save money on the Joker's makeup artist.

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