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Shipping Warehouses Fully Run By Robots Might Be A Decade Away, Says Amazon

Various robots already perform an awful lot of jobs and help workers at Amazon warehouses around the country. But they’re not yet smart not enough to replace humans entirely.

Business Tech May 2, 2019

The Rise Of Microscopic Robots: Scientists Making Headway In Developing Microbots

An army of microscopic robots developed by researchers from Cornell University might one day perform medical tasks such as delivering drugs within the human body. The microbots can be injected using an ordinary hypodermic needle and can survive harsh environments.

Robotics May 1, 2019

Learning-Based Particle Simulation Could Lead To Robots With Better Fine Motor Control

Researchers created a new model that can teach robots how to approach and handle different materials. In an experiment, the team used a robotic hand to create 'sushi' shapes using a deformable foam.

Robotics April 22, 2019

French Firefighting Robot Colossus Helped Save Burning Notre Dame Cathedral

Thanks to 400 brave firefighters and a powerful firefighting robot called Colossus, much of the Notre Dame Cathedral was saved after the fire. What are the specifications of the Colossus robot?

Robotics April 17, 2019

NASA Robotic Bees To Join Astronauts On The International Space Station

Robotic 'bees' will be making their way to the International Space Station soon. These Astrobee bots are expected to make life of the crew easier by helping out with both chores and experiments.

Space April 5, 2019

California Man Ernest Quintana Told He Was Dying Via 'Robot' Video Call In ICU

A California hospital is now under scrutiny after a 78-year-old in the ICU was told he only had days left to live via a robotic video call. His family is upset with the way the news was broken.

Feature | Health March 9, 2019

Self-Learning Robot Hand Can Manipulate Objects Like A Human

Present-day robots can impressively mimic human motions and perform pre-programmed actions. A new amazing robot, however, can perform can hold and manipulate an object like a human hand.

Robotics March 3, 2019

Scientists Use 'MERMAIDS' Floating In The Ocean To Scan Interior Of The Earth

Seismologists used a network of buoyant devices to scan the earth’s interiors. Seismographs obtained by these floating sensors help researchers gain access to the unmonitored ocean floor and learn more by listening to waves created by deep earthquakes.

Robotics February 9, 2019

Scientists Create Self-Repairing Robot That Is Also 'Self Aware'

Scientists invented a robot that is "self-aware," which means, it can learn what it is — from scratch. In just about a day of in-depth computing, or a brief "babbling" period, the robot initiated "self-simulation."

Robotics February 2, 2019

Robot Boy Crying, Bleeding, And Calling For His Mom To Train Medical Students

A life-like robot boy named Pediatric HAL is described as 'the world's most advanced pediatric patient simulator' by its creator, Gaumard Scientific. HAL is capable of shedding tears and bleeding, and can even go into anaphylactic shock.

Robotics September 11, 2018

Sony Robot Dog Aibo Will Cost $2,899 In The US: Is It Worth It?

Sony's robot dog, Aibo, will be released in the United States in September, and will be delivered before the holiday season. With a price tag of $2,899, what does the mechanical puppy offer to families looking for a robotic companion?

Gadgets August 24, 2018

Tiny, Self-Powered, Cell-Sized Robots Can Sense Environment And Store Data

MIT researchers have created tiny robots using electronics grafted onto microscopic colloidal particles. These microscopic robots can gather, store, and process data about their environment.

Robotics July 31, 2018

Russia To Send FEDOR Humanoid Robots To Space Station

Russia's Roscosmos space agency reportedly approved plans to send two humanoid robots to the ISS. The FEDOR robots were trained to fire pistols using both arms, operate a drill and drive a car.

Robotics July 22, 2018

MIT’s ‘Blind’ Cheetah 3 Robot Now Ready To Explore Dangerous Territories

MIT engineers announced the latest improvement in the design of the Cheetah 3 robot. It now has a ‘blind locomotion’ ability that makes it capable of exploring dangerous territories even at zero visibility.

Robotics July 6, 2018

AI Reconstructs Periodic Table In A Few Hours, Humans Took A Century

Physicists at Stanford University just devised a new AI program that was able to arrange the periodic table in a span of a few hours. The machine could prove itself the new benchmark of machine intelligence in the future.

Feature | Science June 27, 2018

This Technology Will Allow You To Control Robots With BrainWaves And Hand Gestures

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory debuted a new robot control system on Wednesday, June 20. The new technology allows users to control robots using brainwaves and hand gestures.

Robotics June 21, 2018

NHS Might Replace Nurses With Robot Medics Such As Carebots: Could This Be The Future Of Medicine?

A report in the United Kingdom recommends that the National Health Service integrate robot medics or 'carebots.' This technology lowers medical costs and improves efficiency.

Public Health June 11, 2018

‘Half-Human Half-Robot’ US Army Becomes Reality With Mechanical Third Arm And Exoskeleton Technology

Two robotic technologies could give US soldiers the lethality similar to fictional cyborg characters. The futuristic devices would make soldiers capable of carrying heavy weaponry almost effortlessly as they run and fight during combats.

Robotics June 8, 2018

Why Having Sex With Robots Might Not Be Good For You After All

Much has been claimed about sex robots: some say they are therapeutic, some say they can make sex safer, and some say they can help with sexual deviances. New research shows there’s no backing to these claims.

Public Health June 5, 2018

Robots Growing Organs From Stem Cells: The New 'Secret Weapon' Against Disease

Scientists from the University of Washington developed a system that uses robots to grow human organs from stem cells. The automated process, which also tasks the robots to analyze the organoids, was described as the new 'secret weapon' against disease.

Biotech May 22, 2018

This Robot Teaches Itself How To Help People Get Dressed

A robot at Georgia Institute of Technology is successfully helping people get dressed through simulations. Rather than relying on the sense of sight, the robot uses its sense of touch to perform the task.

Robotics May 15, 2018

You Can Buy Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Robot Dog In 2019

Boston Dynamics confirmed that consumers will be able to purchase the SpotMini next year. The company recently demonstrated the smaller robot dog during TechCrunch's 2018 Robotics conference.

Robotics May 12, 2018

Small Creatures With Stronger Punch Can Help Engineers Build Faster Robots

Engineers can learn a thing or two by observing how small creatures like mantis shrimps use their exoskeleton spring to move swiftly. A recent research analyzed how the motor-spring-latch system in smaller creatures can influence the way robots are made.

Robotics April 27, 2018

Amazon Reportedly Working On Home Robot Project Vesta: Here's What We Know About The Secret Project So Far

Amazon is reportedly working on a home robot and has already built a prototype called Vesta. There aren't a lot of details about the robot Amazon is working on.

Robotics April 25, 2018

Japanese Engineer Builds A Massive Robot To Make His ‘Gundam’ Dreams Come True

Masaaki Nagumo proves dreams come true with his giant Mobile Suit Gundam, engineered to perfection. It walks, it shoots sponge balls, and just like in the series, it needs a pilot.

Robotics April 16, 2018

Elon Musk Warns Of Immortal Digital Dictator Taking Over The World In AI Documentary

Elon Musk believed that super intelligent robots could overpower people in the future. The Tesla CEO warned companies against creating robots with capabilities beyond what humans can do.

Robotics April 11, 2018

Rare Double Robotic Surgery Simultaneously Removes Uterus And Colons Of Cancer Patient

A colorectal cancer patient had hysterectomy and part of her colon removed at the same time in a procedure that used da Vinci Xi robot. What makes robotic surgery a better option for patients?

Medicine April 8, 2018

Meet Loomo, Segway's Mini Transporter And Robotic Sidekick That Captures Photos And Video

Meet Loomo, a mini-transporter and robotic sidekick that aims to take on the traditional Segway. Loomo auto-follows, captures video, and shoots photos. Here's everything you need to know about the new robot by Segway Robotics.

Gadgets March 8, 2018

Humans Attacked Robot Cars In Two Of Six Crashes Reported This Year

Robots are taking over society slowly. Humans are trying to resist the change. In two of six crashes involving robot cars, humans attacked the vehicles.

Car Tech March 6, 2018

LOOK: This Soft Robot With Kirigami Skin Slithers Like A Snake

Just like a snake, a newly developed soft robot has scales, which help it to move forward. The snake-inspired robot developed by researchers from Harvard SEAS was inspired by nature and constructed with art.

Robotics February 23, 2018

Robots Can Produce Handwritten Notes In Case You Can’t Be Bothered

Robots can now hold a pen to make handwritten notes for more personal notes. In case penmanship is a difficult issue to get over, robots are able to write those notes.

Robotics February 15, 2018

This Is How Cockroaches Survive After Ramming Head First Into Concrete Walls

Cockroaches are among the fastest in the insect world. However, its speed is not the only reason why it could survive collisions without getting injured.

Animals February 14, 2018

Meet Xiaodie, A Smart Companion Doll Built To Please Lonely Men In China

Meet Xiaodie, the most recent smart companion doll from EXDOLL. She has the ability to chat with her owners, play music, and do the dishes, although, she prefers to be called baby.

Gadgets February 5, 2018

Erica The Robot Destined To Be TV News Anchor In Japan

Meet Erica, a creepy real-life like robot destined to be a TV news anchor in Japan. Created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, she is set to report the news by Spring.

February 3, 2018

Robot Baby Experiment Reveals How Filthy Crawling On The Floor Is For Babies

A study showed that infants crawling on floors can inhale millions of microbes. However, exposure to biological particles can protect babies from asthma and allergies.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 13, 2018

Meet Moorebot Zeus, A Robot Designed For Fighting Intense Battles

Meet Moorebot Zeus, a powerful robot that’s designed for serious gamers and fighting enthusiasts. From boxing to kung fu and karate, this waterproof robot can handle it all.

CES 2018 January 12, 2018

LOOK: This Self Healing Artificial Muscle Is Flexible, Strong, And Cheap

A team of researchers created an artificial muscle that is strong, versatile, and cheap to make. It could help create soft robots in the future but also has practical implications in the food and medical industry.

Robotics January 5, 2018

Origami-Inspired Artificial Muscles Can Carry 1,000 Times Their Weight, Plus It's Cheap And Easy To Build

Researchers have developed a new type of artificial muscle that can lift 1,000 times their own weight. The artificial muscles are inspired by origami and can be created in as fast as 10 minutes using materials worth less than $1.

Material Science November 28, 2017

New SpotMini Is Boston Dynamics's Latest Robot Dog, And It's Not As Terrifying As Before

Boston Dynamics has unveiled the new SpotMini, which is a less terrifying version of its predecessor. The robot dog now has more fluid motions, and it's covered in bright yellow plates to make it easier on the eyes.

Robotics November 13, 2017

You Can Watch The First USA vs Japan Giant Robot Battle Next Week: Here Are The Fighters

The long-awaited giant robot battle between United States-based MegaBots and Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries can finally be watched on Oct. 17. Who won between the Eagle Prime and the Kuratas?

Robotics October 13, 2017

Robot Gripper With Adhesives Inspired By Geckos May Help Clean Up Space Junk

Space debris that orbit Earth pose threats to satellites and even to astronauts stationed at the ISS. A robot gripper with adhesive inspired by the feet of the geckos may offer solution to the space junk problem.

Space June 28, 2017

The Force Is Strong With This One: This R2D2 Robot Makes Life Easier For Eye Surgeons

A robot called R2D2 was able to perform a successful eye surgery as part of an experimental trial involving robot-aided medical procedures. Here’s what doctors think R2D2 can pave the way for.

Robotics May 11, 2017

Armed And Autonomous: Remote Controlled Machine Gun-Wielding Robot Is The Military's Latest High-Tech Weapon

The U.S. Marine Corps has started testing machine gun-wielding robots called Multi-Utility Tactical Transports, which are remotely controlled with a tablet and a joystick. In the future, the Marine Corps plans to make MUTTs fully autonomous.

Robotics May 5, 2017

Russia Trains Robot To Shoot Guns: Can Humans Prevent Rise Of Terminator-Like Killing Machines?

Russia's Fedor robot has learned to shoot guns with impressive precision. How do companies like Google, groups and individuals try to stop killer robots from taking over the world?

Space April 17, 2017

Rise Of The Terminator? Russia's Humanoid Robot Fedor Learns To Shoot Guns Using Both Hands

Russia's humanoid robot Fedor, which will be sent to the International Space Station in 2021, is learning how to shoot guns using both hands. Are the Russians creating Terminator-like machines?

Robotics April 15, 2017

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