The "Community" season six teaser trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last month during the "Community" panel has now found its way online. While there is nearly no new footage of what next season will have in store, it should get "Community" fans pumped for the show's triumphant return.

Everybody loves a good underdog. It seemed for years that the cult-favorite comedy, starring Joel McHale and exploring the strange adventures of teachers and students alike at a local community college, might get the axe.

Despite this, year after year it returned thanks to fans fighting tooth and nail. Just when it seemed like the show's luck had run out after NBC announced the show wouldn't be returning for a sixth season, "Community's" luck actually improved. It was picked up by Yahoo for its streaming service and the company is wasting no time in highlighting the fact in the new trailer, which sports a "Bionic Man" theme of rebuilding "Community" better, faster and stronger with the help of Yahoo!.

Clips from each season are spliced together, charting the rise, fall and resurrection of the show in dramatic fashion. Just as things start to look bleak Yahoo! sweeps in to save the show.

While "Community" always had a loyal cult-following, its rating simply weren't strong enough for NBC to continue on with the comedy. Thankfully, as the new trailer eloquently puts it, where "Community" is going it doesn't need ratings. It will be headlining Yahoo Screen, the company's on demand streaming service and will premiere sometime in 2015. It will be joining a growing list of shows that died in the traditional world of cable television but are finding new life on services like Netflix, which resurrected beloved comedy "Arrested Development" and crime drama "The Killing" after their cancellations.

So what will season six of "Community" actually have in store? Show creator Dan Harmon said at Comic-Con he had yet to start writing the new season and doesn't have "high, big falutin' plans," but did say it wouldn't focus on a romantic pairing, something many fans criticized the show for during its fourth season without Harmon at the helm.

He said in the weeks following Comic-Con he would be sitting down with other show writers to determine the cast of the show. If fans and show runners have their way, the sixth season will lead to a movie to send of "Community" with a bang, but that will likely depend on how well critics and fans respond to season six. In the meantime, you can continue to get excited with the trailer below.

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