Trigger, the studio behind the likes of Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann, has revealed that they will release a new anime in April called Space Patrol Luluco (Uchū Patrol Luluco in Japanese) about a young girl attending junior high in space.

The series’ synopsis, at least according to Crunchyroll, indicates that Luluco gets drafted as a space patrol while attempting to save her father - a detective with the agency - who has been frozen. All the while, she continues to be a junior high school student in a special space immigration ward. Sounds like some hijinks are unavoidable with an undercurrent of seriousness.

Space Patrol Luluco is scheduled to air as part of the Ultra Super Anime Time programming block in Japan starting April 1st. It will also be simulcast by Crunchyroll as part of the streaming service’s spring 2016 lineup. Trigger had previously announced that there would be a series coming, but the exact nature of it was unknown until the website went up yesterday. The original story is credited to both Trigger and Hiroyuki Imaishi, who will serve as director of the series as well as overseeing its composition.

Here’s the Crunchyroll listing of the main voice cast as well as staff on the anime series:


Luluco: M.A.O
AΩ.Nova: Junya Enoki
Midori: Mayumi Shintani
Chief Director Overjustice: Testu Inada
Keiji: Mitsuo Iwata

Main Staff:

2nd Director; Tetsu Amemiya
Creative Director: Hiromi Wakabayashi
Character Design: Mago, Yusuke Yoshigaki
Justice Design: Shigeto Koyama
Effect Artist: Yo Yoshinari
Chief Animation Director: Yusuke Yoshigaki, Shuhei Handa
Music Production: Flying Dog
Anime Production: Trigger
Production: Trigger, Hiroyuki Imaishi/SPACE PATROL LULUCO Production Committee☆彡

Source: Crunchyroll

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