MSI has released its new GT72S G Tobii gaming laptop, the first to offer MSI's new eye-tracking technology, which was shown off by the company last month.

According to MSI, the computer's eye-tracking tech can be used for controlling games as well as certain aspects of Windows. In fact, to allow users to get acquainted with the new technology, it's shipping with Tom Clancy's The Division, however, the technology can be used with around two dozen other games as well.

As its name suggests, eye-tracking technology uses a camera to track the user's eye movements. It is used as a method of gesture control on many devices, basically enabling users to perform certain actions based on specific movements they make with their eyes.

For example, with the new laptop, users might be able to zoom in to an object just by looking at it, then pausing the game simply by looking away from the screen. Within Windows 10, users can also log in, zoom, select and open folders and files and so on.

"Our eyes will no longer be passive players, they will now direct, command and transport us into the future of PC gaming," said Andy Tung, MSI Pan America President.

The laptop is aimed at being able to track eye movements, even when the room is dark, which is enabled by the three dual lens illuminators that are described as being "near infrared."

In addition to the eye-tracking technology, the computer offers an Intel Core i7 processor, a color backlit keyboard and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M. It costs $2,599.99, and the full list of games that support eye-tracking can be seen here

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