Move over, Beyonce, it's not girls who run the world. According to filmmaker Eran Amir, this 3D-printed baby does.

Tilted "Run Baby Run," Amir created an animated video that features a 3D-printed baby figurine running in various locations and environments. While watching a naked baby sculpture sprint out in the woods, over water and in the city is slightly creepy, the video itself is extremely impressive since Amir reveals it was shot entirely in camera, on location with no green screen or other digital effects used.

The video starts with Amir opening a suitcase filled with 20 tiny sculptures that feature the baby in a different position. Much like how artists animate their drawings, Amir then captured a photo of the baby in each movement so when strung together in a video, the baby appears to be running.

In a behind-the-scenes look at how the naked baby marathoner was made, the viewer can see how the baby started off as a series of graphics and was then brought to life with a little help from a 3D printer and some paint. Of course, not every baby comes out defect free, with some sporting extra limbs or falling apart before getting to go for their run.

Amir also had to create a rig that would hold the camera as well as the 3D-printed baby in front of the lens. As a result of all this hard frame-by-frame work, viewers get to watch an Ally McBeal baby look-alike travel the world by foot.

Amir is no stranger to creating captivating yet complex videos. In the past, he has shared a black and white video he created by painting everything gray, as well as a music video using 1,5000 photographs.

Watch "Run Baby Run" and see how Amir pulled it off in the videos below.

Source: The Awesomer

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