Google Maps Receives An Update: Here Are All The New Features To Expect


Google has given its Maps app a notable makeover. The company has rolled out an update to its Google Maps bringing with it a slew of cool, new features.

While these functionalities do not seem huge, these are still noteworthy enhancements from the previous version. The app, which now sits at version 9.20, comes packed with new features, ranging from a shortcut included in the Timeline to easily add a location to the user's history, option to disable the voice guidance during phone calls, reviews with photos and more.

Earlier this year, the Maps app also received an update which incorporated a feature called Driving Mode to provide traffic updates along with estimated time of arrivals.

New Features To Expect

Specifically, here is a list of new improvements Google has thrown into the Maps app to sweeten the pot, as listed by Android Police.

1. Add Places To Your Timeline

Users can now manually add locations to their Timeline. If you are not aware of this functionality, it shows the locations you stopped at together with images you took when you were in these places.

Locating this feature is easy-peasy. Just pull out the slide-out menu and hit Your timeline. Next, tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. From there, look for the Add a place option. Upon choosing a place, you can then key in the date and time of your visit.

2. Newly Added Audio Toggles

This newly added improvement will be particularly beneficial for those who are usually on a phone call while driving. You can now mute the turn-by-turn instructions by means of the audio toggles.

To locate this feature, go to Settings > Navigation Settings. From there, check out the Play voice during phone calls option. It is activated by default, so you need to switch it off by ticking the checkbox.

3. Reviews With Photos

Google now lets users provide reviews for specific locations, such as restaurants, malls and more, with photos to allow them to tell a little more about their experience. Photos will now show up beneath the users' reviews both in the list of reviews for a specific business or location plus in the list of your contributions.

4. New Signage While You Drive

This is another big enhancement to the app. Maps now shows the names of streets and exits for your turns, rather than just displaying the line you are meant to turn on. This cuts down the possibility of leading you to wrong turns, for example, in the case of multiple streets that are close to one another.


Should you wish to give it a go, you can either wait for the update to hit your device or download the updated version via APKMirror. If interested, head over to this link.

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