Twitter Announces New Timeline Option, Putting Important Tweets Up Top


Whether people like it or hate it, it's on the way.

The not-so-anticipated new Twitter timeline option, which puts all your most-important or best tweets at the top of your timeline, was formally introduced by the social media network today, as reported by Engadget.

Before users break out in a fit of rage over the announcement, they should understand that the new timeline is an opt-in feature and even if users turn it on, it could take weeks during the phase-in before users actually get to see the feature in action.

The feature works off an algorithm, pinpointing which tweets are most relevant to you, considering who you're following and interacting with the most on the social network, then it moves those tweets to the top of your timeline upon launching the website or opening the smartphone app.

"We realized there's a ton of great content on Twitter and it's not always easy to find that great content," Michelle Haq, Twitter timeline project manager, told Engadget about the introduction of the new timeline.

Adding to plenty of users' dismay about the new feature is the presenting of tweets in reverse chronological order — something that people still aren't thrilled about.

Are these changes something that you'll eventually get used to or could it lead to the downfall of Twitter?

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