The good folks of Dark Pixel Digital have smashed together the worlds of Star Wars and Mario Kart into a glorious mashup dubbed “Star Kart” which asks the question: what would Mario do if he had an X-wing starfighter?

The short video, which took the creative team at Dark Pixel a year to finish, doesn’t feature anything from The Force Awakens - which makes sense given the production timeline - but it does imagine a place where Rainbow Road is populated with Rebel starfighters and Imperial TIE fighters. Bowser, of course, fills in the role of Darth Vader, while Mario is Luke Skywalker.

Along the way, the gang collects items and coins, zooms through speed boosts, and generally tries to outmaneuver each other. (Poor Luigi.) There’s also a segment on Tatooine, because of course there is, but the best part is saved for last with a Mario Kart-style Death Star trench run.

What really sells the mashup is the little things. At one point, Luigi gets bumped off the track and has to be picked up and resituated, and the Blue Shell response is all too real. There’s even a goofy little ending where Mario shoots off two blasts a la someone releasing Green Shells just before they hit the finish line. Everyone does that, right?

Via: IGN

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