You Can Stay In This Realistic Airbnb Room Based On Van Gogh's 'Bedroom In Arles'


Vincent van Gogh was an artistic genius who had a unique view of life. Now, you can look at the world through his eyes by staying at the Art Institute of Chicago's life-size replica of the room in his well-known painting, Bedroom In Arles.

The room can be rented from Airbnb starting now, and going off the photos, it certainly seems like a pretty close replica of the painting.

The rental is going up to promote a new exhibition, called Van Gogh's Bedrooms, which will open on Feb. 14 and will run until May 10. Interestingly, this exhibition will mark the first time that all three of Van Gogh's paintings of his bedroom in Arles will be shown in North America. Not only that, but the exhibition will include a number of other extras, including a digitally enhanced reconstruction of the room. While you won't be able to sleep in it, you will be able to interact with it in other ways.

Unfortunately, in case you were hoping to stay in the room, it seems like it's all booked solid for February dates, although the Art Institute does note that it plans on offering more rentals in the future.

"The available dates went much faster than anyone could have expected," said the Art Institute on its Facebook page. "We'll be sharing available dates in March in the next couple of weeks."

Those who do end up being able to stay in the room can bring a friend, as it accommodates two people. While it's not a part of the painting, the room does indeed have a bathroom, and only costs $10 per night. 

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