With the way Microsoft continues to ramp up Windows 10, frequently announcing new features, the company wants its users to be able to locate all the updates in one place, conveniently.

That's why, it has launched its Windows 10 update history web page, pointing out all the updates in its brief, but ever-growing history.

"We're committed to our customers and strive to incorporate their feedback, both in how we deliver Windows as a service and the info we provide about Windows 10," Microsoft wrote on the site, as part of its announcement. "In response to this feedback, we're providing more details about the Windows 10 updates we deliver through Windows Update. You'll see a summary of important product developments included in each update, with links to more details. This page will be regularly refreshed, as new updates are released."

A look at the page, as of Wednesday afternoon, shows a Tuesday, February 9 Windows 10 update, including quality improvements and security fixes. That update did everything from fix issues with authentication and security issues that could allow remote code execution.

It also "fixed security issues in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 that could allow code from a malicious website to be installed and run on a device."

To keep abreast of all Windows 10 updates, including those from the past, click on Microsoft's dedicated page here.

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