LG keeps boosting the hype surrounding its LG G5 and is now teasing an official touch enabled Quick Cover for the smartphone.

The LG G5 will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 later this month and LG is dropping notable hints ahead of the big event. Just recently, the company confirmed the LG G5 always-on display feature and now it's back with more teasers.

LG touts that its upcoming flagship "does not officially exist" for now, yet we already know that it will have an always-on display and a Quick Cover case.

While normally we see accessories leak from third-party sources ahead of the actual device unveiling, LG takes matters in its own hands.

"Known as a company ahead of the times, LG took this characterization to heart by revealing the existence of the accessory before the actual product," LG notes in its press release announcing the new LG G5 Quick Cover case.

According to the company, the LG G5 Quick Cover case is similar to previous Quick Covers when it comes to the advantages it offers, but it also introduces some new features to further improve the experience.

For instance, the touch function that became available recently with the LG K10 Quick Cover View is now available on the semitransparent mesh cover of the LG G5 Quick Cover case. Moreover, the G5 Quick Cover will allow users to control alarm settings or take incoming calls without even needing to open the case.

The "unique film with a glossy metallic finish," meanwhile, adds a touch of luxury to the device. Just like other LG Quick Covers, the new accessory for the upcoming LG G5 also features a small window that allows users to see part of the screen.

The company makes no mention of how much the LG G5 Quick Cover will cost, but does note that the accessory will be on display at the MWC, alongside the "speculative" LG G5.

With the big event just around the corner, the LG G5 itself will become official soon enough. As a reminder, the MWC 2016 kicks off on Feb. 22 and lasts until Feb. 25. We'll be covering the event and bring you the latest news, so stay tuned.

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