The upcoming Attack on Titan video game based on the anime of the same name is set to receive an online co-op mode after launch. As in, players will be able to team up with friends to take down giant humanoid monsters.

The online co-op mode was announced during a recent livestream by Koei Tecmo about post-release content for the game. The co-op mode specifically allows up to four players to zoom around together in cross-platform play across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game. There will also be an update that adds 10 items to the game consisting of various costumes and weapons.

The basic premise of the game seems to revolve around the Battle of Trost, a major event in both the anime and manga’s narrative arc that involves the majority of the cast defending against a massive intrusion of giant, monstrous humanoids as they acrobatically whizz about thanks to special gear designed specifically to allow them to maneuver around in the air (it also happens to be before any major amount of death, which is a plus when it comes to certain characters being available in the game).

This is all slated for the Japanese release of the Attack on Titan game coming next week, of course, but the title is also expected to come west in 2016. Attack on Titan in general has been a popular franchise in North America, with both the anime and manga doing well.

Source: Zaregoto

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