Hideo Kojima Launches New YouTube Series With His Top 10 Movies Of 2015


Famous Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima, known for the Metal Gear franchise while at developer Konami, has started a video series appropriately titled “HideoTube” on the Kojima Productions YouTube channel.

The first video in what is expected to be a series released today, with Kojima joined by Kenji Yano to talk about their top 10 movies of 2015. They don’t agree on every number, but they seem to more generally agree on some of the bigger entries. The full 46-minute episode was filmed at YouTube Space Tokyo and is a decent little production, but has a few quirks.

For example, it only features English subtitles for the first couple of minutes. The names of the films are dropped in English as the list counts down, but good luck making out what they’re actually saying about each. Kojima’s requested that folks volunteer to subtitle via YouTube’s ability to contribute subtitles to videos.

For anyone curious, Kojima’s pick for #1 movie of 2015? Mad Max: Fury Road.

Via: Anime News Network

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