With Super Smash Bros. finalized, Nintendo UK published the last trailer for the action-packed game, featuring the full ensemble of DLC characters.

It's got Mewtwo striking back, Lucas coming out of nowhere, Roy sealing the deal, Ryu coming as a new challenger, Cloud storming into battle, Corrin choosing to smash and Bayonetta getting wicked. It's the complete shebang.

Just to be clear, this is the final update to Super Smash Bros. Yep, no more new characters or balance patches. It seems that video game director and creator of the series Masahiro Sakurai along with his team is either going to start working on a sequel or end things with this one.

However, adding the rumors of an NX version into the equation, which could be a Game of the Year Edition sort of deal, there's a good chance that a Super Smash Bros. 5 will see the light of day on the next-generation platform. Here's hoping that's the case, at least.

With how Super Smash Bros. shaped up, this is easily one of the favorites on the 3DS and Wii U. It has a roster of 58 playable characters, and each one is easily recognizable from other games. How can anyone not like this, or not show even a little bit of interest in it?

Anyway, the recently released intense trailer is a great way to go out with a bang, and the slew of content that the game has gotten over the years is nothing short of excellent. To put things into perspective, where else can players see Ryu going toe to toe with Bayonetta in Midgar?

To wrap things up, Super Smash Bros. has Pokémon, EarthBound, Fire Emblem, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Bayonetta and a whole lot of other games in one neat package.

Catch them all at the 3DS and Wii U eShops and take a closer look at each one of the new characters at the DLC store.

Don't forget to hit up the video below to see all the action that Super Smash Bros. has in store.

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