There is no declaration of love like a whopping price drop, and B&H Photo now offers 12-Inch Retina MacBooks at $300 off, for a short period.

You can get your hands on the attractive offer from the Apple official reseller B&H Photo, which cuts $300 off various 12-inch Retina MacBook models. All three color options (Silver, Gold and Space Grey) are included, in case you still care about the color of the device at such a friendly price.

Citizens who DO NOT live in New York have it better than Big Apple's dwellers. To non-NY Apple fans, B&H offers free expedited shipping (or 45 minute in-store pickup) and no tax.

Looking at the Mac Price Guide, we can say for a fact that these are the lowest rates in history for 12-inch MacBooks. It should be noted that Best Buy did have a number of $300 price cuts on some Mac models during the Christmas season, but the offers did not include so many powerful devices. Also, Best Buy charged sales tax on all its items.

B&H is offering the promotional prices only for a short amount of time. By choosing B&H instead of the Apple Store, buyers could save a consistent sum between $370 and $450.

Not only is the vendor offering massive discounts on Apple's notebooks, but the Apple Watches get special treatment, as well. B&H cuts $100 off the price of Apple Watch Sport and several other smartOS devices.

Should you consider getting you Valentine an Apple-TV set-top box, B&H has you covered. The retailer gives away free gift cards worth $25 at the purchase of an Apple TV. The free shipping and zero taxation outside New York still applies.

Here is a sample from the B&H's list of offers that are almost too good to pass.

The 1.1 GHz MacBook with 256 GB comes at a standard price of $1,299, but is now discounted to $999. The 1.3 GHz (Silver or Grey) MacBook with 256 GB normally sells for $1,549, but can now be purchased for $1,199. The 1.3 GHz Gold MacBook sporting 256 GB costs a default $1,549 but ships for a short while at $1,249.

Bigger storage space Macbooks are on the list, too. The 512 GB-featuring, 1.2 GHz MacBook sells for $1,299, after its $300 rebate. A 1.3 GHz MacBook that holsters 512 GB now sells for $1,449, down from $1,749.

All notebooks come equipped with 8 GB RAM.

Now, for the Apple Watches:

The 38mm, Silver Aluminum, White, Orange and Blue Sport Watch costs $249, down from $349.

For a tad more expensive purchase, B&H offers the 42mm, Silver Aluminum, White Sport savings/ Orange Sport Band/Blue Sport Watch for $299.00.

Customers who want the crème of the crop and a discount can choose the 38mm, Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop Band that currently sells for $549.00.

Last but not least, the fourth generation Apple TV with 32 GB storage sells on B&H for $149, while the 64 GB variant costs $199. Both models receive the free $25 Gift Card from B&H.

B&H previously discounted several MacBooks during the Christmas season, but those rebates don't hold a candle to the new, limited time offer.

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