WhatsApp has a whole new collection of emojis to Android mobile users brought by the app's latest 2.12.441 version.

As Valentine's day approaches, WhatsApp celebrates the occasion by launching tons of new emojis that users can take advantage of when they need to express special emotions but run short of words to do so.

The new emojis had already been hinted on a beta launch in WhatsApp for more than two months now. With the latest update however, the new set of emojis now come in a reorganized emoji panel which users can access by an update through the Play Store.

Tech Times previously reported that version 2.12.374 of the app brings a number of interesting emojis to Android users. These include volleyball, champagne bottle, racing cars, medals, spider, unicorn, turkey, burrito, hotdog, shamrock, popcorn box and the well-loved taco.

Other new emojis that are brought by the earlier version include LGBT emojis, horns gesture, a detective emoji and the raised middle finger.

The latest rollout of emojis adds new faces, religious places and more. Users should also be able to see the upside down face, robot faces, middle fingers, nerd faces, an urn, turkey and the new heart exclamation mark, which is perfect for Valentine-inspired messages.

The big difference between the beta launch and the latest version is how the emojis can now be viewed right up front and at the chat panel's left portion. When using the WhatsApp message box, users can easily use these emoji that are found in a simplified user interface which has been designed with tabs and a grid made up of hands, symbols and faces.

The new set of emojis would definitely make an interesting addition to the messaging platform, particularly now that WhatsApp has lately updated its group chat feature.

A few days ago, WhatsApp said that its group chatting feature can now accommodate as many as 256 people in a single group chat. Prior to expansion, the feature only allowed up to 100 users at a time.

WhatsApp has also reached an important milestone recently, confirming that it now has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. The company also announced that its annual subscription plan of $1 will no longer be implemented to all its users.

For this reason, the company is looking into establishing a relationship with businesses and organizations and allows industries to build connections with their customers through WhatsApp.

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