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Google Rolls Out RCS Chat In UK And France

Google has made its RCS chat available for Android users in France and the United Kingdom. However, this new messaging system that will soon replace SMS has no end-to-end encryption yet.

Google July 29, 2019

Facebook Messenger Features Improve With Group Chat Polls And Payment Reminders: Now Out On Android And iOS

Facebook Messenger has added two new features: group chat polls and A.I.-triggered quick payment buttons. Here's how the two features work and how they aim to make things easier.

Apps/Software September 22, 2016

WhatsApp Users Can Now Single Each Other Out With New Mentions Feature For Group Chat

WhatsApp began rolling out a new feature for iOS and Android that allows users to directly mention others in group chats.

Apps/Software September 20, 2016

Napster Co-Founders Revive Airtime, Now As Group Video Chat Room: Here's The Deal

Airtime is back and it plans to overtake traditional chat apps. Sean Parker, Napster co-founder and founder of the original Airtime, said the group video chat room will recreate a cozy, fun and intimate experience lacking in rival apps.

Apps/Software April 24, 2016

WhatsApp For Android Gets A Ton Of New Emojis, Including Middle Fingers

WhatsApp launches a whole new collection of emojis to Android users. The new tabs of emojis, which include a heart exclamation mark, popcorn box and more, are now being slowly rolled out.

Apps/Software February 12, 2016

Microsoft now Lets You Have Skype Group Chats on Office Online

Users collaborating with other users on Office Online Word and PowerPoint files can now communicate with each other through Skype group chats.

Apps/Software December 27, 2014

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