Foursquare wants users to have an easier way to place an order for goods they want to be delivered right at their doorstep.

The company recently teamed up with, a one-stop shop for local online ordering, and now offers a more convenient way for mobile users to get their deliveries.

"Don't you just love delivery?," says Foursquare in a blog post. "The convenience of your favorite dish brought right to your door in a matter of minutes. We sure do, which is why we've teamed up with and Button to bring you the convenience of delivery, right from Foursquare." allows users to place orders online from the local restaurants of their choice. They can also place orders from a wide variety of shops and services such as grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, dry cleaning and laundry. The company has its headquarters stationed in New York and now has a growing worldwide presence.

"Just plug your address into the app to connect with the best restaurants and stores offering delivery and pickup near you," states the app's description on iTunes. "You can browse thousands of menus and order your favorite food from local restaurants; find beer, wine and liquor for fast, free delivery; get groceries to your door on demand; and even schedule pickup and drop-off for your laundry and dry cleaning. One app. Everything you need in the neighborhood. Delivered."

Currently, the company services 38 cities and plans to expand to more cities in the United States and even abroad.

As a result of the team-up, users will now be able to tap the delivery site's icon after opening the Foursquare app and locating the icon right next to shops and restaurants. While it's true that users can start viewing certain information such as the items that are being sold and their prices directly in the Foursquare app, it is still important to have the app installed to start using its features.

Foursquare's team-up with was made possible through startup company Button, which offers apps-linking services.

"Button is thrilled to activate's thousands of merchants on the Foursquare platform," says Michael Jaconi, Button's CEO and co-founder. "Increasing the utility of mobile experiences through matching offline locations with online mobile actions showcases the true power and size of the mobile opportunity."

Apart from its integration with, Foursquare has also made a number of integrations in the past with other delivery services. These include DeliveryHero, Seamless and GrubHub

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