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Facebook Local Combines Upcoming Events With Top Places To Visit: Look Out, Yelp And Foursquare!

Facebook Local, now available on iOS and Android, features a search engine that combines places and events. The app is a rebranded version of Facebook Events, which failed to take off when it was launched last year.

Apps/Software November 11, 2017

Reddit Teams Up With Foursquare To Add Location Tags: Don't Worry, It's Optional

Reddit and Foursquare have signed a deal to bring location tags to Reddit posts. The feature is rolling out to the Reddit mobile apps, and it's completely optional, so those who prefer to post anonymously can continue to do so.

Internet May 31, 2017

Twitter Now Allows You To See Where Tweets Were Tweeted From

Twitter has silently rolled out its location feed feature, which was brought about by its partnership with Foursquare. The new feature is currently getting updated for iOS with other platforms on queue.

Apps/Software June 26, 2016

Uber Taps Foursquare Data To Make Places Easier To Find Without Typing Addresses

Uber and Foursquare teamed up so that both drivers and passengers get a smoother experience. By integrating Foursquare’s database in the Uber app, your favorite locations will be at your fingertips even faster than before.

Apps/Software May 26, 2016

Don't Know Where To Eat? Foursquare's Marsbot Will Tell You

Foursquare's new Marsbot wants to tell you where you'd enjoy eating and drinking. But earthling, don't dare ask this thing a bunch of questions.

Apps/Software May 25, 2016

Swarm Becomes Your Personal Memory Bank Of All Places You've Been To And More

Swarm has updated its app for iOS and Android. With the update onboard, it now becomes your personal memory bank of the places you've checked-in the most.

Apps/Software March 25, 2016

Foursquare And Now Let You Order Food And Booze Via Foursquare Mobile App

Foursquare teams up with to bring a more convenient way for mobile users to get their deliveries. By simply tapping the icon found within the Foursquare app, users can easily place an order for food, groceries and even alcohol.

Apps/Software February 13, 2016

Foursquare Checks In New CEO As It Eyes Enterprise Market Amid Lower Valuation

Foursquare announced some changes it has made to its leadership team. After earning $45 million in the latest funding round, the move is aimed at placing the company’s strongest executives in the top leadership roles.

Business January 15, 2016

Slack New Slash Commands Let You Hire A Lyft, Get Place Suggestions And Check The Weather

Slack adds in Slash Commands to allow users to access third-party apps and services on the team communication app. Users can now catch a ride, check on the weather and many more on Slack.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Slack Update Allows Users To Request Car Service, View Lunch Recommendations And Check Weather

The added features come as a result of the social messaging app's partnerships with Lyft, Foursquare and Poncho.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Help Save Stray Cats By Checking In On Foursquare's Swarm

Foursquare partnered with Alley Cat Rescue in a donation campaign to help save stray cats. Users can join by simply checking in to a location through the company’s Swarm app.

Society October 2, 2015

13 Million To 15 Million: Number Of iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus Units Apple Will Sell This Weekend According To Foursquare

The opening weekend sale of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may reach up to 15 million units. However, the Pope's visit to New York may disrupt deliveries of the new iPhones in some stores.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 25, 2015

Foursquare Predicts iPhone 6s Sales Of Between 13 and 15 Million This Weekend

Foursquare is using its user data to predict iPhone 6s sales and has announced a prediction of between 13 and 15 million devices. This prediction is a little more than Apple's own prediction, which is 10 million.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 25, 2015

Missing Foursquare Mayorships? It's Back On Swarm For iOS And Android

Foursquare has reinstated the mayorships feature in Swarm. If you have the social check-in app for iOS and Android and missed the fun feature, then you have another chance at becoming a mayor.

Apps/Software June 23, 2015

Is Yahoo Buying Foursquare For $900M?

Rumor has it that Yahoo is on the verge of acquiring location-based app Foursquare for $900 million.

Deals April 15, 2015

Win-Win Deal: Twitter, Foursquare Team Up For Location Tagging Tweets

Twitter users can now share where they are as they tweet and be pretty specific about it. The social network is tapping the deep pool of location and locale data Foursquare's been busy collecting since it opened for business.

Apps/Software March 24, 2015

Twitter, Foursquare Partner to Add Relevant Geo-based Features in Twitterverse

The partnership between Twitter and Foursquare is expected to expand the location features of Twitter, which as of now are currently limited.

Internet December 18, 2014

Foursquare's Swarm app is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices: Can no longer become Mayor

Swarm, the check-in aspect of Foursquare's new dual app push, is now available for the Windows Phone 8 platform. It brings a lot of new features, but the gamified aspect is long gone.

Apps/Software August 14, 2014

Yelp, meet the new Foursquare. Refresh focuses on personalized recommendations

The revamped Foursquare looks to challenge Yelp, and maybe even Google, to become the best search engine in the world.

Apps/Software August 7, 2014

Foursquare squares off against Yelp with revamped app

Foursquare has relaunched to attract new users. Its older, check-in app is now dubbed Swarm.

Apps/Software August 6, 2014

Foursquare has new look and feel with brand emphasis

Foursquare has a new look and feel. Will the refreshment of the brand be enough to lure more users?

Business July 27, 2014

Foursquare gets a refresh, but is it enough to revitalize the location app?

Foursquare re-tunes it focus and promises to improve its local searches. The incoming update will overhaul the app's user interface, bear the company's new logo and compete with the likes of Yelp and Google Maps.

Apps/Software July 23, 2014

Google mobile search has new enemy: Apps

Google is losing search revenue and market share on the mobile front, and this has a lot to do with apps such as Yelp, Foursquare and more.

Apps/Software June 10, 2014

Foursquare rolls out Swarm app and it shows the evolution of check-ins

Foursquare rolls out Swarm app and it shows the evolution of check-ins

Apps/Software May 17, 2014

New Google Glass apps for travelers: TripIt, OpenTable, and Foursquare

Just one day after Google Glass, which is still in beta mode, goes on sale in the mainstream U.S. market; Google released three new apps for travelers to go along with its existing host of travel Glassware.

Wearable Tech May 15, 2014

Foursquare freezes mayorships and badges, prepares for roll out of Swarm

Foursquare is moving mayorships and badges very soon to the Swarm app, as the former also makes way for modifications in its primary app. Here's what we've learned so far.

Apps/Software May 12, 2014

Foursquare launches Swarm to take on Facebook Nearby Friends and Yelp

Yelp and Facebook is up for a new challenger in the local search space, as Foursquare prepares to split into two apps to better focus on what is important.

Apps/Software May 6, 2014

Foursquare adds second app Swarm - Facebook Nearby Friends has some competition!

Foursquare split its app into two different ones. Now, users who want to search for places and explore can use Foursquare, while those who want to check in at specific places and share their location with friends will use the new app, Swarm.

Apps/Software May 1, 2014

Yummy! Google now lets you browse full restaurant menu in search results

Google is moving into the territory of Yelp and Foursquare with a new search feature. It lets you browse through the full menu of most restaurants to help you decide whether you should be making a reservation or not.

Internet March 2, 2014

Microsoft wines and dines with Foursquare: Foots $15 mn bill and inks location data licensing deal

Microsoft has boosted the capital of Foursquare by $15 million and in return, has inked a deal that will allow it to integrate Foursquare's treasure trove of data to its future products, such as Cortana.

Deals February 5, 2014

Foursquare receives $35 mn in new funding to spur growth

Foursquare has succesfully raised $35 million in a recent round of funding.

Money December 20, 2013

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