Square Enix and IO Interactive have finally decided on what to do with the Hitman franchise, and PlayStation 4 owners get exclusive first access to it.

Despite a series of delays and last-minute changes, Hitman will be coming in episodic releases with this weekend's beta taking players through a sort of reboot of the series in the Prologue.

IO Interactive shares that it will be paying very close attention to how players progress through the Prologue and will make the necessary changes it sees fit so as to ensure that everything is "shiny and ready" for the official debut of Hitman on March 11.

In Prologue, players tackle two missions from Agent 47's past. This is where Agent 47 meets his future handler Diana Burnwood and we would find out more about the International Contract Agency that employs him.

The first mission happens during a party onboard a ship. It's mostly used to guide players through a tutorial with a few highlighted objects and directives. Early on, players will learn that costumes play an integral role to make it through the game.

In the beginning, Agent 47 is dressed in a mechanic's get up and is directed to take out the cook. After throwing a blunt object at the chef, players will have to take his clothes to be able to access the upper decks of the ship.

Sticking to the Hitman formula, levels for both the missions are open-ended where players can take Agent 47 and make him do whatever is necessary to kill a given a target in as many creative possible ways they can think of.

There are more than 50 challenges in the Prologue beta that should keep Hitman gamers busy over the weekend. Throughout the game, the developers have also set up a new opportunity system that players can take part in for more elaborate kills. Of course, this can be turned off for those who want a more self-directed approach to getting in and around Hitman.

Hitman fans who don't have a PS4 or who weren't able to preorder the game for the PS4 can still take part in the lifestream Square Enix is setting up. The company's LA and London offices will be taking the beta for a spin where the people tuned in can also comment on the action.

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