Microsoft Mexico announced that Windows 10 Mobile should finally start rolling out to existing Lumias on Feb. 29, but it seems that the information was not accurate.

The company's Mexico branch posted the information on its Facebook account, boosting the hype for the highly-anticipated update, but it may have spoken too soon.

Microsoft Mexico has since removed the social media post in question, and acknowledged that the Feb. 29 release date for the update was not true.

"A Microsoft representative told PCWorld that the posting on the Microsoft Lumia Mexico Facebook page reporting February 29 as the upgrade date for Windows 10 Mobile was incorrect. The post has since been pulled down from the social network," PCWorld reports.

It remains unclear whether the Facebook post was an accidental mishap from a company representative who didn't know the news was not supposed to be public knowledge just yet, or it was just a tentative timeframe that was off the mark.

Either way, after the news started making rounds and getting people excited that Windows 10 Mobile would finally roll out to existing Windows Phone devices, it turns out that it was just a false alarm.

Aside from the few new Lumia smartphones that come with Windows 10 Mobile on board out of the box, the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft has yet to be more readily available.

Microsoft promised a while back to upgrade its older Windows Phone 8.1-powered Lumia handsets to Windows 10 Mobile, but the update faced several delays. It was widely expected to arrive in December 2015, but that obviously did not happen. Hopes for a January release started shaping up after that, but again to no avail. Last month, news surfaced that the Windows 10 Mobile update was delayed yet again for existing Lumias, with a rollout pushed back to February.

When Microsoft Mexico said that the update will finally start rolling out on Feb. 29, it sparked hopes that it won't see any more delays and Windows Phone 8.1 devices worldwide should soon start getting upgrades. Although the company deleted its comment about the update rollout, WinPhoneMetro grabbed a screen shot for everyone to see.

Microsoft has yet to offer a formal statement regarding this matter, or provide more details on when the update will actually become available. If the Feb. 29 release date Microsoft Mexico provided was not accurate, it could mean that Windows 10 Mobile could see even more delays.

It's all pretty hazy right now, but we'll keep you up to date as soon as more information becomes available. 

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