Verizon Wireless is still the number one network, according to a new network performance report.

The RootMetrics Network Performance Report shows Verizon continues to display the highest level of national network performance and customer satisfaction. It is the second consecutive top position for Verizon in the national report, published semi-annually and now in its second installment.

According to the research company, Verizon ranked top in five categories, and with its award for overall performance, it should help the wireless company look forward to a solid future.

"The most recent studies are further confirmation of our continued commitment to deliver on our brand promise of providing customers with the best network experience," said Mike Haberman, vice president of network support at Verizon.

The company's effort to upgrade its networks and provide consistent service has been one of the hallmarks of its rise to the top of the American wireless sector, he noted.

"The consistent reliability, quality and performance of our network provide a solid foundation for new technology and innovation that we will continue to deliver to our customers in the coming months and years ahead," Haberman said.

Seattle-based mobile analytics company RootMetrics says that the study looks at the state of the consumer mobile network across the country, including performance locally at state levels. The company based its report on six categories: Overall Performance, Reliability, Data, Speed, Call and Text.

Verizon came out on top in all of those except the Text category, where AT&T took the top spot.

"Verizon Wireless received top or joint top rankings in 115 out of 125 markets surveyed by RootMetrics, with more wins and ties than any other provider," reads the report.

In the overall category, Verizon Wireless scored 81.6; AT&T took second with 79.5; T-Mobile took third with 71.5; and Sprint scored fourth with 69.6 out of a possible 100 points. The RootMetrics report was compiled usings statistics from the first half of 2014 for network performance test results as an average across all available network types.

The report, however, was completed before Verizon announced it would be throttling its unlimited data subscribers in peak traffic zones, a move that has led to the Federal Communications Commission voicing concern over the decision, Tech Times reports.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he was worried over the company's plans, arguing that the FCC wants to hear more information over whether the move would be legitimate or if the FCC would intervene to curtail the throttling before it is implemented in October.

The decision has led to some angst among the top data users, who say they have contracts with the wireless operator and should not be penalized for their agreements.

That could hurt the company when RootMetrics does its next report, but for now, Verizon sits atop the wireless sector in the U.S.

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