The wait is finally over Android users: welcome to Peach.

Even though it seems like the initial buzz with the messaging app Peach has died down, there are plenty of reason to still love and use it.

One reason in particular is the ability to download the app for Android.

The team at Peach announced on Thursday in a email newsletter the anticipated launch of the app in the Google Play Store. This now means that existing iOS users can branch out to include more people in their social circles, and Android users can finally see what the big deal is with the app.

Launched earlier this year in Apple's App Store, Peach is created by Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman, and combines elements from Slack and Twitter to provide a place where users can post interactive messages like GIFs and drawings to their feeds.

The app climbed to the top of the charts when it was first released, thanks to all the Twitter love it received. To keep users engaged, the team has continued to release updates with new features, including an in-app game as well as desktop expansion.

While the biggest news is that Android users can now check out the addicting messaging app with their friends, Peach also got yet again another update to include even more features as it continues to evolve.

Version 1.0.17 released on Thursday includes the option to allow users to make their profile public. This means that anyone signed up on the app will be able to follow and comment on posts made by public users without them first having to accept a friend request. This new feature may be attractive for celebrities and users looking for Internet fame.

Users are now able to change their profile to public by tapping on the settings icon, going to "Manage Account" and scrolling down to "Privacy."

Building off on public profiles is the new discovery tool that launched with the update that helps Peach users to find who to follow. Users can now tap on "Add Friend" and then "Who to Follow" to see which public accounts they should check out.

Every single Peach post now has its own URL so that users can share posts on any social media site they wish. Users will see a share icon next to the timestamp. We recommend sharing a post that uses the new magic word "ECHO," which gives text or a sentence a "trippy treatment."

There is also a new account management menu where users can change their email, password, verify or reset their number, customize privacy settings and delete their account.

Peach is available for download for free for iOS and now Android. 

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