In honor of Tim Peake, Alton Towers theme park turned the astronaut's Westbourne Street into a zero-gravity zone. Dubbed as Gravity Avenue, the street has become weightless, giving residents an opportunity to see what it's like to go to outer space.

The residents got the chance to experience how it's like if there was no gravity as cars, post boxes, parking zones, benches and even a person floating above the ground.

Kids from Tim's primary school visited Gravity Avenue to watch the astounding stunt and get a 'sense' of how astronaut Tim Peake spends his time on the International Space Station. Tim Peake has been aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for 66 days.

The fun-filled stunt is to kick start and promote the upcoming attraction of the theme park, Galactica, which is expected open at Alton Towers Resort in April.

Galactica's Virtual Reality

"Galactica uses ground breaking technology to give riders a breathtaking and completely unique rollercoaster experience," Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Alton Towers Resort, said [PDF] in a press release.

"Tim Peake captured the imagination of millions of Brits last year when he set off on his mission to the International Space Station - and now our visitors can become astronauts too," he added.

The new ride is dedicated to virtual reality, allowing guests to experience space. They will be transformed to virtual astronauts giving them a chance to experience the G-force more powerful than a real rocket launch. The ride will soar at a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour with a G-force of 3.5 G's, which is 0.5 G's more than what astronauts feel on lift-off.

The guests will be in a prone position along the 2,760 feet track for them to feel like they're flying. Aside from transforming Peake's street into a zero-gravity area, the company teamed up with the National Space Centre to help make space exploration a reality for the next generation of British space enthusiasts.

The company announced that in the next 12 months, they will support an education program intended to teach children about the universe and all about space cosmos.

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