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Tim Peake Is Going Back To The ISS: ESA Plans Second Mission For British Astronaut

British astronaut Tim Peake will be going back to the International Space Station for the second time. This was also confirmed by British business secretary Greg Clark who said the details of the ESA mission are being worked out.

Space January 27, 2017

How Will Tim Peake Readjust To Life On Earth After 186 Days In Space?

After six months in space, ESA astronaut Tim Peake will go home next Saturday. How will he adjust to life back in terra firma after 186 days of weightlessness on board the International Space Station?

Space June 13, 2016

Space Junk Debris Cracks International Space Station Window

A tiny portion of the International Space Station window cracked because of a small piece of flying space debris. Do these space junk pose an immediate threat?

Space May 13, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Feared Being Stranded In Space Due To Worsening Russia-UK Relations

British astronaut Tim Peake once feared being abandoned at the International Space Station. Such worry cropped up with the possibility that the conflict between Russia and the UK will worsen.

Space May 7, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake Gets 2-Week Extension Aboard The International Space Station

Astronaut Tim Peake will get to spend an extra two weeks aboard the International Space Station, the European Space Agency announced Saturday. He and two of his fellow ISS members will return to Earth in June.

Space May 1, 2016

Tim Peake Successfully Drives Remote Robot On Earth From ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake was able to successfully drive a robotic rover on Earth from the ISS. Despite some glitches, he was able to fulfill the mission, giving hope to the future of space exploration.

Space April 30, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake To Control Terrestrial Rover From Space Station

ESA astronaut Tim Peake will control a rover in a hangar in Stevenage, UK while in orbit aboard the International Space Station. The experiment aims to help prepare for future space missions that require collaboration between humans and robotic systems.

Space April 29, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Captures Incredible Photo Of Thunderstorm From Space Station

Peake did it again! Social media-savvy British astronaut Tim Peake captured an incredible photo of a thunderstorm from the International Space Station and tweeted about it.

Space April 27, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Completes London Marathon In Space

Tim Peake was able to complete the London Marathon while up in space. The British astronaut started the race with a video message and run via a digital app, making him feel like he was really at the location.

Space April 24, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Greets Queen Elizabeth II Happy Birthday From Space

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration reaches space. British astronaut Tim Peake greets UK's longest-reigning monarch by posting a birthday card from space and dressing for the occasion.

Space April 23, 2016

Bruno And Mars: British-Made Robot To Find Signs Of Life On Red Planet

A British-made robot will try to beat NASA in the search for life on Mars. Named Bruno, this state-of-the-art device is equipped with the unique ability to build its own 3D map of the landscape and outline its own path.

Space March 26, 2016

Watch Tim Peake Zap Aliens In Space - Space Invaders That Is

A new ESA video shows Tim Peake and Scott Kelly fighting off 'aliens' in the International Space Station. Dodging and zapping, these two have a lot of fun playing 'Space Invaders' in space.

Space March 23, 2016

NASA Shares Eerily Beautiful Photo Of Aurora Borealis Taken From The ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake published a photo of the dancing lights of the aurora. Aside from a stunning view of greens and pinks, auroras in space continue to intrigue scientists who study how solar particles interact with Earth's atmosphere.

Space February 26, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake’s Street Turned Into A Zero-Gravity Zone Thanks To Alton Towers

Locals at Tim Peake's street got a chance to see what it's like to live on the International Space Station with zero-gravity. Alton Towers turned the street "weightless".

Space February 19, 2016

ESA Astronaut Tim Peake Shares Amazing Timelapse Of Lightning Striking Earth [Video]

Ever wondered how flashes of lightning appear from outer space? British astronaut Tim Peake shared a stunning timelapse of lightning striking Earth.

Space February 10, 2016

BBC To Beam Live Rugby Broadcast Into Space

Major Tim Peake will watch tomorrow's rugby match between Scotland and England for the Calcutta Cup live from the International Space Station.

Space February 5, 2016

Tim Peake Holds Cosmic Classroom, Runs 'Astro Pi' Coded By UK Students

ESA astronaut Tim Peake answered questions from British schoolchildren during a live chat event at the World Museum in Liverpool on Tuesday. He was also able to test the Astro Pi computer designed and built by students.

Space February 3, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Snapped A Selfie During His Historic Spacewalk

Astronaut Tim Peake became the first Brit to walk in space on Jan. 15, and he decided to commemorate the event with a selfie taken outside the International Space Station.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

Tim Peake First ISS Spacewalk Ends Early Due To Helmet Water Leak

Tim Peake had to end his first spacewalk early after his colleague Tim Kopra experienced a helmet water leak. The two astronauts were safe and were able to complete their job before the flight directors decided to terminate the mission.

Space January 16, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake, ISS Flight Engineer Set For Jan. 15 Spacewalk: How And When To Watch

ISS flight engineer Tim Peake is set to make history on Friday, Jan. 15, as he becomes the first British astronaut in an ESA uniform to take part in a spacewalk. He will join NASA astronaut Tim Kopra in carrying out an EVA to fix a failed power unit outside the orbital facility

Space January 15, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake To Take Part In Spacewalk Next Week: NASA

NASA announced that Tim Peake will embark on his first spacewalk. The first British astronaut under ESA will step out of the ISS with fellow crew member Tim Kopra to repair an electrical box that regulates the station's power voltage.

Space January 6, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Calls Wrong Number From Space Station

British astronaut Timothy Peake dialed a wrong number on Christmas Eve. When he realized his mistake, he immediately turned to Twitter to apologize to the woman he called.

Space December 28, 2015

Astronaut Tim Peake Fails Attempt To Phone Home From International Space Station

British astronaut Tim Peake failed to call his parents from the International Space Station because of bad timing. He left a voicemail message instead, and the family was overjoyed with the surprise greeting.

Space December 22, 2015

Soyuz Spacecraft Successfully Delivers First British Astronaut To ISS

A Soyuz rocket brought the first British astronaut to the ISS successfully. Tim Peake reached the station as planned and is now ready to embark on a six-month mission.

Space December 16, 2015

British Astronaut Tim Peake Attempting To Run London Marathon In Space

As a digital participant in the famed London Marathon, Peake will run the 26.2-mile course on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station on April 24, 2016, while the actual London Marathon is taking place on the ground.

FUTURE TECH December 4, 2015

Eben Upton Serves Up Two New Helpings Of Raspberry Pi At World Maker Faire New York

Raspberry Pi scored two major hits at this year's World Maker Faire New York among young fans who strained to get their hands on the company's new 7" touch screens and Sense HAT sensor-laden add-on.

Gadgets September 29, 2015

Astronaut Tim Peake Speaks Out About Upcoming Launch

Tim Peake, UK's first astronaut, said that keeping the ISS toilet usable will take up much of his time at the orbiting station. He is scheduled for launch in December via a Russian Soyuz rocket.

Space September 24, 2015

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