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NASA Curiosity Team Teaches An Old Rover New Tricks For Measuring Martian Gravity

A team of researchers used accelerometers onboard NASA's Curiosity rover to track subtle changes in the gravity on Mars. They measured the pull on Mount Sharp in Gale Crater, coming up with new questions on how it was formed.

Space February 1, 2019

Dark Matter Heats Up Then Moves Away During Star Formation In Dwarf Galaxies

A new study found that dark matter can heat up and then move away from the center of galaxies. This phenomenon called dark matter heating is typical of any star-forming galaxy.

Space January 7, 2019

X-Ray Technology Reveals Matter Around Black Hole For The First Time

Researchers found that light does not bend that much around the strong gravitational field of a black hole. The new study was done using a new technology called X-ray polarimetry.

Space July 30, 2018

Einstein’s Relativity Theory Proven Right Yet Again, This Time By A Supermassive Black Hole

Einstein’s theory of general relativity holds true even in the extreme gravitational force coming from a supermassive black hole, researchers found. This is the latest in a string of rigorous tests the 103-year-old theory has passed.

Space July 27, 2018

Neutron Star 4,200 Light-Years Away Proves Einstein’s Gravity Principle Is Correct

Scientists proved Einstein’s principle of gravity holds true even in the most extreme conditions. A neutron star and a white dwarf 4,500 light-years away from Earth still fall at the same time, even with different masses.

Space July 5, 2018

Proof That Dark Matter Exists Could Be Found In Milky Way’s Satellite Galaxies

Scientists devised a new way to test if dark matter exists. The answer, they believe, could be found in the movements of stars in dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.

Space June 27, 2018

Planet 9 May Not Exist Instead Collective Gravity Explains Orbits Of Detached Objects Beyond Neptune

New evidence shows that Planet Nine may not exist after all and collective gravity may be to blame for some of the evidence of the missing planet. This would throw off calculations expecting a planet.

Space June 4, 2018

Here Is How It Looks Like When A Black Hole Swallows A Star

Researchers invented a new model that helps them understand how a black hole devours a star. The framework can provide new insight into black holes and their mysterious lives.

Space June 2, 2018

ALMA Observations Show Dark Matter Does Not Interact With Itself

An earlier study of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827 deduced that dark matter can interact with other forces other than gravity. New observations made with Atacama Large Millimeter Array challenged the findings.

Space April 6, 2018

Japanese Astronaut Claiming To Grow Over 3 Inches In Space Apologizes For Measurement Error

On Monday, JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanai announced growing 3.5 inches taller after three weeks on the ISS. After double checking his measurement, it turns out that he made an error.

Space January 13, 2018

Stars Are Ripped Apart By Black Holes 100 Times More Often Than Previously Thought

Supermassive black holes rip stars apart 100 times more often than previously thought in a cosmic event known as Tidal Disruptive Events (TDEs). TDEs are useful to locate supermassive black holes that will aid in the study of their strong gravity.

Space February 28, 2017

Space Cucumbers Shed Light On Mysteries Of Plant Survival in Microgravity

The important role of gravity in the growth of plants has been amply demonstrated in the changes noticed in cucumber grown at the space station. Japanese researchers who examined seedlings germinated at the International Space Station drew many conclusions as ISS is known for microgravity conditions.

Space December 27, 2016

Earthquake Warnings Could Be Made Seconds Earlier With Gravity Signals

Scientists found a potentially faster method of detecting an incoming earthquake. The method involves gravity signals which occur earlier than seismic waves.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

High Tide During Full Moon Can Trigger Big Earthquakes: Study

Nine of the 12 biggest earthquakes in recorded history occurred near or on days of full or new moon. How do lunar gravity and high tide trigger quakes?

Earth/Environment September 12, 2016

LISA Pathfinder Hunts Gravitational Waves In Freefall Experiment

A gravitational wave detector could be manufactured, which would work in space following an exciting new experiment. How could the LISA Pathfinder investigation confirm or deny a prediction made by Albert Einstein a century ago?

Space June 8, 2016

Meizu Gravity Is The Floating Wireless Speaker That Appeals To Your Inner Zen

China-based Meizu has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its wireless Gravity speaker, the company's first-ever product that will be released in the U.S. The floating speaker will cost $249 and ship in December.

Gadgets May 18, 2016

Military Scientists Develop Gravity Sensor That May Pave Way For Device That Can See Through Walls

Military scientists in the UK have developed a sensor that can detect small shifts in gravity. The sensor may pave the way for the development of scanners that are able to see through walls and even underground.

FUTURE TECH March 24, 2016

New Gravity Map Illuminates Interior Of Mars

NASA was able to create a new gravity map of Mars that is said to help study the interiors of the Red Planet. The gravity map was able to form a clearer picture of Mars, which may help future exploration missions.

Space March 22, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake’s Street Turned Into A Zero-Gravity Zone Thanks To Alton Towers

Locals at Tim Peake's street got a chance to see what it's like to live on the International Space Station with zero-gravity. Alton Towers turned the street "weightless".

Space February 19, 2016

The Science Behind This Pair Of Gravity-Defying Shoes That Makes You Feel Like Walking On The Moon

Have you ever fantasized about walking on the moon? A specialized pair of shoes developed by a New York-based startup matches exactly the kind of moon-walking experienced by astronauts.

February 8, 2016

New Gravity Measurement Technique For Distant Stars Could Help Find Extraterrestrial Life

Previous methods were only available for stars somewhat close to our own solar system.

Space January 7, 2016

Scientists Find Way To Measure Pull Of Gravity At Surface Of Distant Stars

Scientists have developed a new technique to measure the surface gravity of distant stars. The said method is said to be critical in finding other planets similar to Earth.

Space January 4, 2016

Possible Discovery Of New Fundamental Particle Could Prove Existence Of Theoretical Particle Of Gravity

Scientists at CERN recently announced their discovery of the existence of a particle of nature. One of the ideas that sprung from the finding is that it is a graviton, a particle of gravity.

Animals December 17, 2015

Earth's Gravity Helps Shape The Moon, NASA's LRO Reveals

Using images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), scientists found that the Earth’s pull is opening up faults on the moon. The extent of investigation on the moon made possible by the LRO is not yet doable for any other entity in the solar system.

Space October 15, 2015

How The Moon Affects Tides

Can you explain why the tide goes in and out? Gravity is key.

August 31, 2015

Your First Look At 'LawBreakers' Gameplay

What will it be like to play Cliff Bleszinski's new game 'LawBreakers'? This first gameplay trailer offers a taste of fun-looking arena battles that play with gravity.

Geek August 28, 2015

Magnus Effect Is Bouncing All Over The Internet: What Is It About? [Video]

The Internet is buzzing about a viral video showing how a simple spin can propel a basketball in the most unexpected direction. The Magnus Effect, which is a Physics concept, is said to be the reason why such unbelievable trick can occur.

Energy July 18, 2015

Scientists Discover Five Monster Black Holes And Hint There Could Be Millions Of Them

Astronomers have discovered five supermassive black holes that were previously curtained behind gas and dust particles. They predict there could be millions more.

Space July 6, 2015

MIT Researchers Develop Artificial Gravity Gym For Astronauts In Space

MIT engineers developed a machine that is able to simulate the effects of gravity on Earth. The machine could help address problems associated with long-term weightlessness in space.

Space July 6, 2015

Mystery Of How Planets Form Around Young Stars May Have Been Solved

A study describes the gravitational tug-of-war between a young star and its surrounding disk of material out of which planets form. Planets can begin to form when they survive that confrontation, a scientist says.

Space June 26, 2015

US-Russian ISS Crew Safely Returns To Earth After 167 Days In Orbit

Expedition 42 crew members land safely on Earth. The U.S. and Russian crew members are now adjusting to the planet's gravity.

Space March 12, 2015

Astronomers Measure Space-time Warp Before Binary Pulsar Vanishes

Researchers have measured the space-time warp produced by the intense gravity exerted by two massive stars that are very close to each other before the binary system's pulsar disappeared.

Space January 10, 2015

Why Didn’t The Universe Collapse After The Big Bang? We Have Gravity To Thank

Although what we know about physics states that the Universe should have collapsed after the Big Bang, it didn't. So what saved us? A team of researchers believe the answer is simple: gravity.

Geek November 19, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson reviews the science of 'Interstellar'

The famous author and astrophysicist took to Twitter to explain some of the science of 'Interstellar.'

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2014

Dwindling Antarctic ice messing with Earth's gravity: Blame climate change

Massive loss of ice sheets in Antarctica because of the warming climate has caused changes in the Earth's gravitational force over the region.

Animals October 5, 2014

Gravity dip from ice loss? Apparently the effects of melting go beyond sea level rise

An unexpected discovery was made by scientists studying data from the ESA's GOCE satellite. So much ice has melted in West Antarctica that the gravitational fields there actually changed over three years.

Earth/Environment September 30, 2014

Up or down? Astronauts ponder critical question during lunar walk

Astronauts often have trouble identifying which way is up when they are in space. New study reveals the perception of uprightness has something to do with the level of gravity.

Space September 6, 2014

Laniakea Supercluster: Say hello to Milky Way's new home

The Milky Way galaxy is part of the Local Group of galaxies, and the extended celestial family just got a whole lot larger.

Space September 5, 2014

An impossible asteroid baffles astronomers

The speed of one asteroid defies the laws of physics, leaving scientists to guess how it even exists.

Geek August 14, 2014

Big bad asteroid is apparently a pile of rubble, but what’s holding it together?

Weak atomic forces may be helping hold rapidly spinning asteroid together, astronomers say. Finding may suggest how to deal with similar fragile astroids with risk of Earth impact, they say.

Space August 13, 2014

Sandra Bullock earns top spot on Forbes' highest earning actresses list

Sandra Bullock earned $51 million last year, thanks mostly to her role in the critically-acclaimed film and box office success 'Gravity.' The film earned $716 million globally.

Movies/TV Shows August 5, 2014

Companion planets increase Earth-like planets’ chance of life: All you need is love?

The gravitational pull of a companion planet may extend an older planet's ability to support life, a new study shows.

Space August 2, 2014

The power of gravity: How nature holds up stone arches

A new paper published in Geoscience explains the mystery behind stone arches.

Animals July 23, 2014

Satellite data may act as early flood warning system

Floods may soon be predicted months in advance, by studying tiny differences in the pull of gravity around the globe.

Animals July 10, 2014

Scientists look into how animals pee and they have a good reason for that

A new study discovers the benefits of gravity and how a connection exists between it and how animals pee. The findings can be of help to engineers who can design mechanisms accordingly.

July 5, 2014

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