'GTA Online' Friends In High Places Week Grants Double Rewards For Contact Missions


Another week, another event in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar continues to give players more and more reasons to log in week after week, and this latest event is the perfect way for players to earn some serious in-game cash.

Called "Friends in High Places," the event allows players of Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode to earn double experience and double GTA cash every day for the next week by accepting missions from specific contacts. Each day, the contact offering the bonuses will change, so players will want to make sure to read over the schedule.

Kicking off the event on Feb. 19 is Simeon. Accept missions from this character, and you'll find yourself with more cash and RP than usual. Simeon's Import/Export requests will also earn double cash. Ron will be giving out bonuses on Feb. 20, followed by Trevor on Feb. 21.

That will keep you covered for the weekend. Come Monday, Feb. 22, Martin will be giving out the bonuses, followed by Lester the following day, and lastly, Gerald on Feb. 24.

However, that's just the beginning. Once each of the contacts has gotten their chance, all contact missions, regardless of contact, will be offering double cash and RP on Feb. 25 for one day only.

The next week will also be the perfect time to stock up on ammo and armor. In order to keep players supplied all week long, GTA Online Ammu-nation stores will be offering some serious discounts, with rifle ammo and body armor, both 50 percent off. Grenades and sticky bombs will be 25 percent off as well.

"Friends in High Places" comes shortly after GTA Online's Valentine's Day event, which added new weapons, cars and a brand new multiplayer game mode.

It's no surprise Rockstar continues to support its game more than two years after its original release. Thanks to the title's microtransactions, the game attracted more recurrent spending from consumers and generated its highest revenue ever during Take-Two's third quarter, according to the publisher's recent earnings report. With that in mind, expect the GTA Online updates to keep coming for the foreseeable future.

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