Finding true love isn't so easy, even when we have countless dating apps at our fingertips that are supposed to help singles meet their ideal match. While the user may have swiped right based on looks, they may soon find during their first date that their core beliefs differ tremendously from the other person's beliefs. And for politically conscious people, dating a Republican, for example, may just be a deal breaker.

Luckily for Bernie Sanders supporters, there is now a dating site where they can meet like-minded people who no longer want to "feel the Bern" of being single.

Bernie Singles is the free dating site that helps users "meet other people who understand the world." The site aims to be a community for those who share the same philosophy of the U.S. senator and presidential candidate, encouraging users to "talk Bernie to me."

After creating the Facebook group Bernie Sanders' Dank Meme Stash, which then led to the creation of Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Singles, the dating site was created by a couple of supporters of the Vermont senator, including 19-year-old founder Colten Caudle and 22-year-old co-owner Davis Bon who "thought it would pretty dank" to create a space where other fans of Sanders can meet and connect.

And, apparently, users are loving the site. The site crashed last Wednesday after its server couldn't keep up with 1,000 users who signed up in an hour. The problems continued on Thursday, although the site is now currently back up with more than 4,000 users.

Sanders supporters start by creating a username and filling in their profile details. They can then search for other members by age range, state, gender, sexual orientation and marital status. Once they find someone who looks or sounds like a potential match based on their about me section, the user can add them as a friend, and send them public or private messages.

Bernie Singles also shows the singles who are near the user, with a pop-up sidebar allowing them to easily chat and add these friends. There is also a "Groups" tab that includes groups like "Berners NYC Meet and Greet" or "Gamer's Dank Bernie Group" that users can join.

The user can also view an "Activity" feed that looks a lot like Facebook's News Feed, where they can post a status update, or share photos to their profile, and see updates from other Sanders supporters, as well as friendships, new members and topics.

And while the dating site is free to use, there is the option of donating via the the Dank Meme Singles Fund on Go Fund Me.

The launch of Bernie Singles comes after two women were kicked off Tinder after sending Sanders' campaign messages to potential matches.

At least now Bernie supporters have a place where they can feel the Bern with others. And while the site is a place to have political conversations as well as find a match, Bernie Singles wants potential users to know that "the 1 percent aren't the only ones getting screwed this election season."

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