Travel review and destination directory TripAdvisor is one of the first third-party players to employ Uber's newly-opened application programming interface and the rideshare company is inviting others to find ways to leverage its publicly available API.

TripAdvisor's incoming upgrade to its website and mobile apps will enable its users to get estimates on fares and wait times for Uber's transportation network ability to shuttle them to area restaurants, hotels and attractions. Adam Medros, TripAdvisor's senior VP of global product, said Uber integration makes TripaAvisor more adept at addressing the needs of travelers.

"We're excited to partner with Uber to help TripAdvisor travelers conveniently find a ride to their destination in cities throughout the world," said Medros. "Millions of travelers rely on the TripAdvisor app to help them plan and have the perfect trip during all parts of their journey, and our partnership with the popular technology platform makes our app an even more powerful travel-planning resource."

TripAdvisor's reworked website and mobile app will be fitted with a "Ride there with Uber" option. If a fare and wait time are appealing, the "Ride there with Uber" button will take the user to Uber's website or mobile app to finish the reservation.

"TripAdvisor's integration with Uber's new public API puts requesting an Uber in context, right inside the TripAdvisor app," said Jeff Holden, Uber's chief product officer. "That's a big deal, because it saves people time and simplifies their lives: instead of having to exit the TripAdvisor app, run the Uber app and enter the destination address, your Uber is on its way with just a tap, ready to whisk you off to the venue you were looking at."

The Aug. 20 announcement of TripAdvisor's Uber integration came on the same day Uber revealed it was releasing its API to the public.

The release of the Uber API to the public and the upgrades to its mobile app, are part of the rideshare network's goal to make transportation as "reliable as running water," according to Uber.

"While simple on the surface, the seamlessness of the Uber experience belies the enormous complexity that powers it," stated Uber. "But now that we have this fundamental capability in place-a capability we like to think of as converting bits to atoms-in over 40 countries around the world, there are so many things we would love to build on top of it. We'll never conceive of every great idea, though, and we could certainly never build them all. Enter the Uber API."

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