After launching in November for Android, SoundCloud's app dedicated for music creators is finally available for iOS.

Called SoundCloud Pulse, the app is the company's way to make it even easier for its community of music creators to use its service when on the go. Think of it as more of an admin app for those who frequently use the popular music-streaming service.

The app lets creators who often load music and podcasts to SoundCloud easily manage their accounts from their smartphone. This includes being able to share new tracks or episodes either publicly or privately, and follow other SoundCloud users.

Users can get up-to-date statistics on the performance of their tracks. Users can filter stats by date and tap them to see additional information via interactive graphs. This feature is also now available for Android users as part of a new update.

There is also the ability to reply to comments, and this can be done using text and now emojis.

iOS users will also be able to use other new features, such as being able to block users and delete comments.

While many people may wonder if its even necessary for the music-streaming service to offer two apps, the company decided to release Pulse so that users can access everything they need at their fingertips, whether they're a music fan or a creator.

"We want to meet the needs of creators and listeners as best we can and believe having two apps is the best way to do that," SoundCloud's community evangelist Brendan Codey commented in the app's initial announcement. "It's a challenge to keep an app with many features simple to use and easy to maintain. Having two apps allows us to iterate more often in each, without risking disturbing what's most important in each app."

And while music creators will enjoy the companion app, the pre-existing SoundCloud app continues to launch new features for listeners. This includes the recently added Station feature that helps users discover new artists and tracks that are streaming for a nonstop playlist. Stations are made from the songs or musicians the user likes, while adding in similar tracks and artists they might also enjoy based on the user's listening history and likes.

Music creators can download SoundCloud Pulse for Android and now iOS for free.

Source: SoundCloud

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