For those of you who did not get their fill of "Flappy Bird" (before it was yanked off the app stores), the creators are back with a new game entitled "Swing Copters" for iOS and Android.

Swing Copters is the second creation of Dong Nguyen of dotGEARS Studios and it looks like a creation inspired by its infamous predecessor, only more difficult.

Just like Flappy Bird, the games mechanics require the player to fly, but upwards instead of to the right. Another difference is that one is avoiding steel beams and swinging hammers in Swing Copters instead of pipes.

Players need to steer a tiny creature that has big eyes and propeller hat from the ground to the sky. If the creature gets hit by the hammers or beams, then it will fall to the ground, blinking its eyes. Navigating the creature successfully via the gates and swinging hammers is the goal of the game.

While this sounds easy enough on paper, think again! Getting through the first gate itself is trying and may take you several attempts to master the vertical navigation.

Users can tap to change direction and can also get 4 medals which will aid in unlocking additional characters. The game is free for iOS and Android users and comes with a $0.99 in-app purchase to get rid of banner advertisements. However, the in-app purchase is optional.

Swing Copters has been rolled out and is now available for download in some countries via the App Store and Google Play store. The creator revealed via Twitter that Swing Copter will soon be available in countries where it is yet to be rolled out.

"[Swing Copters] on the App Store is already available in many countries. For other countries it will be there soon," tweeted Nguyen.

Whether Swing Copters can replicate the success of Flappy Bird remains to be seen. Hopefully, Nguyen will not be compelled to yank off Swing Copters if it also gets "too addictive."

The game is now available on App Store and the Play Store.

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