Google announced a new update for its Gmail app on Monday that will allow Android users to be more productive and add some style to the emails they compose using their mobile devices.

Gmail for Android will now support rich text formatting, as well as instant RSVPs.

This means that users will now be able to add bold and italics in their emails, and use underlined words or phrases, highlight text or change the color of the text directly inside the app. Adding support for rich text will allow users to compose more professional and stylish emails when they are on their phones.

Google revealed that more than two-thirds of Gmail users check their email on their smartphones. Just think of all the times you received an email alert, opened the app and quickly responded. Now, users will be able to better emphasize their points with this new feature, so that emailing on the go is just the same as composing on a desktop.

The second new feature, instant RSVPs, allows users to respond as to whether or not they are attending an event with just one tap. This feature is for those who already use Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange. Now, when the user receives a calendar invitation, they will no longer have to open up separate apps to see if they are free that day. Instant RSVPs informs the user about what time the event is and who sent the invitation. Gmail also provides a list of scheduled meetings or events coming up, so that all that's left to do is tap on yes, maybe or no.

These aren't the only new features Google as announced as of late. Last week, the company introduced the new Gmailify feature that allows Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook users to get the best functionalities from Gmail without having to create a new email address. Now, these email users will be able to see their emails in one centralized location via the Gmail app, as well as have their emails organized into categories.

The new updates for Gmail are available for Android users via the Google Play Store.

Source: Google 

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