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Instagram has reached another major milestone, now counting upwards of 200,000 monthly advertisers, as reported by CNBC on Wednesday.

What's pretty remarkable about the feat is it comes less than a year since the app counted just "hundreds" of advertisers in June and only opened its self-service ad avenue in September, spelling that's there's a real fever and market for advertisers vying to reach Instagram's 400 million-plus users.

Interestingly enough, CNBC claims that 75 percent of Instagram's advertisers are businesses based outside of the United States, with the bulk of those being small and medium-sized companies.

The 200,000 advertisers milestone also allows the Facebook-owned app to flex some major muscle over Twitter, which has 130,000 advertisers, as revealed in the social media network's last earnings report, and its self-serve ad opportunity has been available for four years.

That makes the 200,000 advertisers that Instagram has amassed in a matter of months all the more special.

"Having 200,000 advertisers gives us an ability to better tailor the ads that people see to their likes and interests," James Quarles, Instagram's global head of business and brand development, told CNBC. "The more advertisers we have, the more relevant the ad, the better the ad experience."

Of course, it helps to be part of the machine that is Facebook, which makes it easier for advertisers to strike on Instagram.

CNBC points out that 98 of the top 100 Facebook advertisers also have ad presence on Instagram, with Quarles revealing: "We recommend that businesses be both on Facebook and on Instagram — it's the same back end, but a different storefront."

There's no doubt how effective an ad placement on Instagram can be toward businesses, as the company reported to CNBC that 60 percent of its users claimed to have learned about products and services via the social media app itself and 75 percent take additional action, whether it be trying to buy that product or service or searching for that company's website.

If Instagram amassed 200,000 advertisers so quickly, how long will it take the app to hit one million? Also, will its rapid growth with advertisers lead to Twitter possibly switching up its strategy at all?

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