Microsoft may have beaten Sony by being the first to release an unboxing video of the Xbox One back in August, but the Japanese giant's effort might just be more effective to some viewers because it is close to the release date of the PlayStation 4 video game console, which is on November 15. The unboxing itself is short and to the point as if Sony doesn't want to take away the full experience from gamers who are expecting to unbox their very own PlayStation 4 in 4 days.

Inside the box, players will get to handle the beautifully designed PlayStation 4 console with a 500GB hard drive. We understand gamers have the choice to replace this drive with a larger capacity, though it is not certain what is the limit. Furthermore, the video highlighted the Dualshock 4 controller. This new controller is a more radical design and appears to be larger in size compared to past Dualshock controllers. In addition to the new size, the controller comes with a touchpad and a LED light that is designed to communicate with the PS Eye camera.

There's also a HDMI cable, power cord, a mono headset, USB cable and a $10 PSN store voucher. Also included in the package is a 30 day trial of PS Plus, and a trial for Music Unlimited. Note that Music Unlimited is important on the PlayStation 4 if you want to play your favorite tracks because the device doesn't support MP3 playback.

That's basically what the video shows us, and it's only a minute and a half long, which includes a 30 second intro. Needless to say, the Xbox One unboxing was not this flashy, but it was better because it went more in detail of what's in the box and what they are meant to do.

The best thing about the PlayStation 4 unboxing, however, is the lack of a power brick. Sony has designed this console so well that it managed to fit the power brick inside the console, unlike the Xbox One.

If you're interested in a more elaborate video of the PlayStation 4, have a look at the official teardown that showcases the innards of the console itself and all the hardware components that make the console tick.

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