Windows welcomed Cortana on the desktop last summer and it appears OS X will open its arms to Siri this fall. The digital assistant has already made her way to the Apple TV and the Apple Watch.

Speculation about the arrival of Siri on Mac has been going on for years. Now, it seems that speculation will come to an end in just a few months. Details of the desktop version of Siri were shared with 9to5Mac, though the news outlet respected its sources' wish for anonymity.

Apple finally has a "clear vision for Siri on the Mac along with a polished user interface and is nearly ready to launch the feature publicly," writes 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

The Siri button, a small microphone icon, will appear in the Menu Bar beside the clock and Spotlight icon, according to the report. Users will have the option to click on the Siri button or set up a custom keyboard shortcut to call on the digital assistant.

When Siri is invoked, a tinted overlay will appear at the top right corner of the screen. That interface will represent voice, both Siri's and the user's input, in the form of colorful waveforms.

Like her rival, Cortana, Siri will have her own setting panel in OS X's System Preferences menu. Users will also have the ability to set Siri to run at startup.

"If the Mac running the new OS X version is plugged into power, a 'Hey Siri' command will work much like with recent iPhone and iPad models," says Gurman.

If Apple sticks to its script, the world should get a good look at Mac OS X 10.12 during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference this coming June. This would be followed by a series of iterations and an eventual consumer launch in the fall.

Siri integration is still incomplete because Apple wants to test it further, according to the report. So there's a good chance Apple will continue to rework Siri for Mac as the company tweaks and preps OS X 10.12 for its final release.

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