'The Big Bang Theory' Celebrates Sheldon's Birthday And Its 200th Episode With A Bang!


Feb. 25 is "Big Bang Theory" day! Not only our favorite annoying but lovable theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper's birthday, but the comedy show is also airing its 200th episode. Of course, the group of geniuses on board, both in front of and behind the camera, it is only natural that the milestone will be celebrated with a bang.

The 200th episode was not only a huge surprise birthday party for Sheldon, it was also an episode full of surprises with the reappearance of Sara Gilbert as Leslie Winkle- who had a very enthusiastic greeting for Sheldon, Wil Wheaton and Barry Kripke and the special guest appearance of the 1960s "Batman," Adam West.

"The Celebration Experimentation" episode definitely produced good results and helped Sheldon get over his series of unfortunate birthdays filled with memories of his twin sister bullying him and Batman never arriving to his birthday party. Well, Leonard, Howard and Raj made sure that at least one of the Batman actors will make an appearance for Sheldon's birthday this time around so they got Adam West- who was apparently available for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs- to join the party.

Another awesome surprise was the Skype call from Professor Stephen Hawking. Is there any other way to top Sheldon's ultimate birthday bash? Actually, there is.

Fans of the show know how annoying Sheldon can get at times- most of the time, actually- so the other characters toasting to him and sharing how they truly felt about the physicist produced some truly tender and some really comedic moments.

Sheldon's frenemies, Leslie Winkle and Wil Wheaton, even shared a few words and, despite Leslie calling him a dumbass, we all know she considers him a person she can spare her time for, just like Wil who admits that his life became more interesting because of Sheldon.

One of the best parts: Adam West declares that he is the best Batman among all the actors who played the Caped Crusader through the years.

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