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The Big Bang Theory Is Ending After 12 Seasons

CBS, Warner Bros. Television, and Chuck Lorre Productions have confirmed ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is ending after a 12-season run. But it might not be because of low ratings.

Movies/TV Shows August 23, 2018

Stephen Hawking Claims To Know What Happened Before The Big Bang

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking claimed to know what occurred before the Big Bang. He presented his views on the 'Star Talk' show, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, which airs on National Geographic.

Space March 3, 2018

Interesting Facts About The Brilliant Mind That Is Stephen Hawking

You may know Stephen Hawking as a brilliant theoretical physicist, but here are a few other fun things that you may like to know about the man behind the theory of the Big Bang.

Celebrities April 8, 2017

'The Big Bang Theory' Celebrates Sheldon's Birthday And Its 200th Episode With A Bang!

'The Big Bang Theory' celebrates a milestone on its 200th episode and the discovery of Sheldon's birthday with an epic and heartwarming birthday bash and surprise guests. Find out what happened in 'The Celebration Experimentation.'

Geek February 26, 2016

February 25 Is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Day In Pasadena

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been on air for almost nine years. Pasadena is celebrating with the show as it hits its 200th episode, declaring Feb. 25 as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Day in the city.

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

TV's Most Popular Show Isn't What You Think It Is

According to the Internet, the best shows on TV are 'Game of Thrones' or 'Breaking Bad'...but in reality, these shows are far from the most popular series on television.

Movies/TV Shows February 11, 2015

Three 'The Big Bang Theory' actors score giant pay raises

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco have negotiated giant pay raises for their work on 'The Big Bang Theory.' The show returns for its eighth season this fall.

Movies/TV Shows August 4, 2014

'The Big Bang Theory' could be delayed due to contract negotiations

The main cast members of the most popular show on television currently don't have contracts, with production on Season 8 of 'The Big Bang Theory' starting in two weeks. That could spell bad news for CBS.

Movies/TV Shows July 17, 2014

Scientists acknowledge Big Bang research findings might have been a big boo-boo

Scientists who made a headline-grabbing announcement about some Big Bang research say they might have gotten it wrong. Evidence of earliest moments of the universe may have to be reconsidered, they say.

Space June 20, 2014

BAZINGA! Xbox One Vs.PS4: Sheldon Cooper decides

The Big Bang Theory took on one of the nation's most pressing problems last week, no not climate change, but Sheldon Cooper had to choose between going with a PS4 or Xbox One. The running conversation Sheldon has with the other characters is certainly funny, but as with all good jokes there was a grain of truth involved that made the show a must watch for fans and gamers.

Video Games April 6, 2014

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