Google continues to innovate on its controversial Google Glass headgear, with the search giant delivering a better contact system which gives users easier access to smartphone contacts via the headset.

The update also includes nearby event data, a currency converter and a number of perks that Google believes will help push the wearable forward.

The new update gives Glass users, called Explorers by the Silicon Valley company, the ability to have 20 starred and recently used friends and family members avaiable via voice command.

"Explorers have been telling us that when they choose a contact from Glass they'd also like the option to choose how they message them," Glass Team member Joel K. wrote in a blog post announcing the updates.

Google has had a long "feeling out" process with the wearable headgear, and despite controversy that prompted its ban at restaurants and bars due to privacy issues, the device has become popular with the wealthy who can afford the $1,500 price tag, Tech Times has reported.

Android users will be able to get access to their address book as soon as the update is completed, the post noted.

"iOS users will also need the latest MyGlass app, which will be heading your way in the next week or so. Check out this article and you'll be rocking the new contacts in no time: ."

The overall goal of the update is to allow users to be able to switch between Hangouts, email or SMS when communicating with their contacts.

The update also comes equipped with a handful of unique features, including Google Now's nearby events card that helps users know when concerts, festivals, and other happenings are taking place near the users' current location.

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