The Darks Souls series may be coming to an end, but Bandai Namco is rolling out an Android and iOS spinoff called Slashy Souls, right before Dark Souls III goes official.

Bandai Namco and GameStop banded together to bring this free-to-play game to light, and it's already available on the app stores.

Slashy Souls is simple enough, and it's definitely an endless runner. The player is set on a 2D platform, rolling back and forth, leaping and slashing foes with the main goal of making a record-breaking high score on each run. As expected, it'll have the whole shebang, including a slew of weapons and spells and encounters with a variety of monstrous bosses.

From the look of things, Slashy Souls is nowhere near the insane difficulty of Dark Souls, but it does clearly show some design cues taken from it.

Aside from the Dark Souls theme, what's appealing about the game is the retro 16-bit graphics and old-school music. It gives off a sort of Castlevania-ish vibe.

Just to be clear, it has no direct connection with Dark Souls, and it's just inspired by From Software's creation.

Of course, it's harmless to go straight to the app stores and get ahold of it, but some might be better off holding their horses first. In other words, the Slashy Souls lacks depth, but it does seem promising, though. Maybe a little tweak here and there to the combat system could make it work, especially if the developers turn it into a classic platformer instead of the endless running setup.

More to the point, it's arguably a big advertising ploy for Dark Souls III, which is expected to hit the shelves in April. Well, the biggest evidence to back that theory up is how Slashy Souls will keep reminding players to preorder Dark Souls III.

Polygon caught wind of the news first, and it published a video of the gameplay. Hit it up below.

GameStop has also uploaded a trailer of Slashy Souls, and surprise, surprise, it lets everyone know that Dark Souls III is up for preorder.

However, no one can really complain about Slashy Souls. It's free, after all, despite the market-y quality to it.

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