Ford Motor Co. is recalling over 600 of its Focus and C-Max hybrid cars in North America owing to safety issues.

The company informed its dealers to halt the sales and test-driving of the C-Max and Focus models, which were produced this month. Ford's decision to halt the sales is a result of potential defects in the steering gear assembly, which may cause loss of control.

On Thursday, Aug. 21, a company spokesperson revealed that while no vehicles with problems had been delivered to customers, 32 cars are still on dealer lots. The remaining 616 vehicles that could potentially have issues in the steering gear were in transit to dealers. Ford will be recalling these vehicles.

Reportedly, some of the Focus and C-Max car models that were built at the company's assembly plant in Michigan between Aug. 8 and Aug. 15 may not have the right number of ball bearings used for their steering gear assembly, which are necessary for the vehicle's safety.

"This condition can result in deformation and degradation of the remaining ball bearings, which can lead to impaired steering, including the loss of steering control, increasing the risk of a crash," revealed Ford on Thursday afternoon.

Ford also divulged that out of the recalled vehicles, 502 were in transit to U.S. dealers. Nearly 108 cars were headed to Canada and 6 were on their way to federalized territories.

The Dearborn-based company has been in troubled water of late. Earlier in August, Ford was forced to recall nearly 160,000 Focus STs and Escapes hatchbacks that were made between 2013 and 2014. The recall was fueled owing to issues with the wiring harness, which made the vehicles stall.

Ford also had to recall nearly 1,300 2015 models of the Transit for potential brake fluid leaks. The company also recalled 600 Ford Transit cargo vans (2015 models) as there was a niggling problem with the windowless sliding doors.

As far as the Focus and C-Max are concerned, Ford assures that its dealers will replace the steering gear before the vehicle is sold.

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