In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta's greatest moment of shame comes when he realizes he isn't powerful enough to defeat Frieza.

After exchanging blow after blow, Vegeta had scarcely harmed the intergalactic tyrant. Finally, shortly after Frieza achieves his final form, Vegeta realizes that the battle is lost. There is no way he can win. He stands there in mid-air, brought to tears and visibly shaking at the thought of his upcoming destruction.

It's a powerful moment, and one of the few times fans have ever seen Vegeta get so emotional. Now, that moment (which you can watch here in this YouTube video) has been immortalized in a new figure coming from Bandai Premium, complete with "shaking in fear" action.

Via Kotaku, the 4,949-yen figure (roughly $44 US dollars) features Vegeta just as he appears in that iconic episode of Dragon Ball Z, tears and all. His armor is damaged just like in the show, and you can see both the sweat on his brow and the tears from Vegeta's emotional state. As for the "shaking in fear" part, the figure comes with a vibrating stand that causes Vegeta to shake, as seen during the battle. It also comes with a neat backdrop in front of which the figure to be placed.

The figure is available for preorder in Japan until March 31, and there's no telling if it will be coming stateside. Still, it's cool to see a new "innovation" when it comes to figures like these. Dragon Ball Z superfans should be pleased. You can check out a trailer for the figure below.

While we're on the subject of Dragon Ball Z and collectible figures, how cool would it be if Bandai created a bearded Vegeta, as seen on a recent episode of Dragon Ball Super? The character, alongside Goku, recently came out of a lengthy training session in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which explains the beard. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long, as Goku and Vegeta quickly shaved off their facial hair. That's precisely why a figure to commemorate the brief moment would be perfect. After all, what's not to like about beards?


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