‘Dragon Ball’ Fan Turns Hoverboard Into Nimbus Cloud, Rides It Around Taipei


Hoverboards have gotten a lot of bad rap recently, especially during the holidays, but a "Dragon Ball" fan in Taipei is making the most out of his, turning it into a Nimbus Cloud and riding it around the city.

Known as YouTuber Yes Ranger, the fan took cosplaying to the next level by not only dressing up as Goku but also going around Taipei aboard a magical Nimbus Cloud. In the series, Goku eventually learns to master his chi enough to fly but before that, he got around by hopping on the flying cloud that Master Roshi gave him.

Now, purists might scoff at the fact that Yes Ranger's hair was not actually spiked up like Goku and that his sunglasses are out of place with the whole look, but no one can deny that having your own Nimbus Cloud is undoubtedly cool.

But Yes Ranger is not just cool, he's also pure of heart. Well, as pure as being a law-abiding citizen at least as he follows traffic rules while on the road...

And plays with children.

Check out the video below to see Yes Ranger's day out with his Nimbus Cloud:

In July 2015, "Dragon Ball Super" was released. Produced by Toei Animation, the anime series is the first TV series from the franchise to feature a new storyline in 18 years. However, "Dragon Ball" manga writer Akira Toriyama is not pleased with how the series has so far turned out.

"I've revised the script for the anime film, and I've complained about the quality of the TV anime," he said.

Toriyama was also upset with the live-action film "Dragonball Evolution."

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