This Video Of A Woman Turning Into 'Batman' Villain Poison Ivy Brings A Comic Book Character To Life


A superfan of the DC Comics supervillain Poison Ivy made a time lapse video in which she transforms herself into the classic Batman antagonist.

Created by Kay Pike, a cosplay model, fashion designer and mix artist, recorded the process of painting almost her entire body in an effort to transform herself into the villainess from DC's beloved franchise while streaming on Twitch. Pike, a blonde, also donned a red wig to recreate Ivy's iconic red hair, and added a twain of fake ivy — just like everyone's favorite eco-terrorist with a green thumb.

The video was sped up roughly 1,000 times more than the average speed of any given video, turning an hours-long process into a digestible clip that runs a little more than four minutes long.

She posted GIFs of the full getup on her Imgur page, and it more or less has the effect of a painting coming to life.

This isn't the first time Pike has taken a comic book character from the pages to the screens of Internet denizens: previously, the artist recreated Lady Deadpool, Captain Marvel and fellow Batman Universe villain Two-Face, as well as lesser-known heroes like Captain Canuck.

Pike began releasing videos of her depicting famous comics villains and superheroes only less than a year ago. According to her Patreon page, Pike learned how to bodypaint after meeting a more established bodypainter named Lianne Mosley at Canada's Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2015. She uploaded her first video of Colossal Titan this past December, and the rest was history.

"Each time I paint I try something new, I learn something more, and I do my best to get better," she wrote on the site.

To help raise money for painting supplies to continue her efforts, you can go to her Patreon page and Twitch feed.

Check out the time lapse in action in the video clip below.


Source: YouTube

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