McDonald's has been known to come up with programs and projects that aim to further a child's development, and just weeks after giving away miniature paperback books under the "Happy Meal Books" literacy program in the United States, McDonald's is going further in Sweden. On the weekends of March 5 and 12, McDonald's chains in Sweden will be asking if you want Virtual Reality Goggles with your child's Happy Meal.

Yes, VR Goggles. That is not going to change no matter how many times you reread it.

The VR Goggles works like Google's Cardboard, which is an inexpensive way to experience Virtual Reality. Basically, if you avail of the Happy Meal with a VR Goggle, you or your child would have to follow the instructions on cutting up and folding the Happy Meal box and you would somehow end up with a VR Goggle.

Not to burst your bubble but the number of "Happy Goggles" available for distribution is limited. McDonald's is aiming to promote it in 14 branches in Sweden with only about 3,500 pieces available. If you're wondering why Sweden will get the first batch, it's because McDonald's is celebrating the Happy Meal's 30th anniversary in the country.

"McDonald's Sweden is first in the world to develop the Happy Meal box into Virtual Reality goggles and the idea came about, quite simply, by folding the usual Happy Meal box in a new way. The result, with the addition of a pair of lenses, turned into the VR Happy Goggle," McDonald's Sweden Marketing Director Jeff Jackett said in a press release [pdf].

Of course, McDonald's knows what else is needed to make the Happy Goggles experience happier. With the endorsement of Sweden's National Ski Team, the fastfood chain company is also launching the VR game Slope Stars, which aims to teach children how to stay safe on the slopes while having fun. The game will be released on March 4, a day before the Happy Goggles arrive.

Take a look at the promotional video below.

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