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Swedish Patient Who Sparked Fears After Vomiting Blood Tests Negative For Ebola

A Swedish patient came from Burundi when he began exhibiting symptoms of Ebola. Although Burundi is not known to be Ebola active, authorities had to take precautions.

Public Health January 5, 2019

Reindeer Herds In Sweden In Danger Of Starvation Due To Drought

Sweden has experienced an unusually hot summer season that destroyed pastures and grazing lands. The Sami people need financial aid in order to acquire feeds for the reindeer herds in the coming months.

Animals August 25, 2018

Stockholm To Helsinki Hyperloop Will Cost $21B, But Will Cut Travel Time From Over 3 Hours To Below 30 Minutes

A study on a Hyperloop One system connecting Sweden's Stockholm and Finland's Helsinki revealed a project cost of $21 billion. The network, however, will be able to reduce the travel time between the two cities to less than 30 minutes.

Car Tech July 7, 2016

Sweden Launches First Electric Highway System: Another One In California Soon?

Siemens and truck manufacturer Scania have launched the first ever electric highway system on a public road in Sweden. The system will propel hybrid trucks over a 1.25-mile stretch, while charging up their batteries.

Car Tech June 25, 2016

Bizarre Meteorite - First Of Its Kind - Unearthed In Sweden

A quarry in Sweden is the resting place of a meteorite unlike any ever seen on Earth. What is the history and geology of this bizarre extinct meteorite?

Ancient June 16, 2016

Here's Why Europe Wants To Ban American Lobsters

The 85-page Swedish report on American lobsters warned that such foreign lobsters entering European waters will overtake native populations and spread diseases. U.S. and Canadian experts, however, have disputed those claims.

Animals June 8, 2016

Sweden Overtakes Ireland As 'Goodest' Country In The World

Sweden has ousted Ireland as the 'goodest' country in the world in the Good Country Index, outranking 162 other nations. Learn more about the index created by British government adviser Simon Anholt.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

The Pirate Bay’s File-Sharing Websites To Be Handed Over To Swedish Government

The Pirate Bay loses its main domain name in a court battle.

Internet May 13, 2016

Want Some Virtual Reality With That? McDonald's To Offer Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into VR Goggles

McDonald's Sweden branches will offer limited edition Virtual Reality goggles called 'Happy Goggles' in celebration of the Happy Meal's 30th Anniversary in the country. It will also offer a free VR game beginning March 4.

Business March 1, 2016

UN Rules WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Was 'Arbitrarily Detained'

A UN report found that Julian Assange has been unlawfully detained and should be released with compensation.

Legal February 5, 2016

Pirate Bay Scores Major Win In Sweden As Court Declares ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Block Torrent Sites

After a month of deliberating, a Swedish Court ruled ISPs cannot be forced to block consumer access to BitTorrent portal The Pirate Bay and video streaming website Swefilmer. The ISP cannot be held liable for the copyright infrigement offenses of its subscribers, according to the court.

Internet November 30, 2015

Volvo In-Car Delivery Will Send Your Shopping Goods Straight To Your Car Trunk

Volvo has recently launched its In-Car Delivery service, which aims to liberate online shoppers. The first commercially-available service of its kind will deliver packages to customer's automobiles even when unattended.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2015

Normalizing Dopamine Level In Alcoholic's Brain May Curb Booze Addiction

A new study in Sweden revealed that normalizing dopamine levels in an alcoholic’s brain may possibly help curb their booze addiction. Scientists have been working on an experimental drug that will reduce a person’s craving for alcohol.

Life October 16, 2015

Airports Are Testing Unmanned Traffic Control Systems

A remote-controlled AI air traffic system is claimed to outperform actual people and could reduce the cost of building new towers.

Computers September 17, 2015

Double Impact: Two Meteorites Hit Sweden More Than 400 Million Years Ago

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found two enormous craters in the county of Jämtland that were likely formed by meteorites that hit the Earth around 458 million years ago.

September 14, 2015

Swedish Supercar Sets Record For Start-And-Stop Speed

Koenigsegg broke it's own start-and-stop record with it's One:1 supercar, which clocked in at going from zero to 300 mph and back to zero in 17.95 seconds.

FUTURE TECH June 18, 2015

Kids Born To Older Parents And Teen Moms At Higher Risk Of Autism

A new study delves into the effects of parental age to the autism rates of children all over the world. Researchers find that the risk of children having autism is higher if they are born to older parents or teen moms.

Life June 10, 2015

Swedish Pop Singer Mans Zelmerlow Wins Eurovision Song Contest

Måns Zelmerlöw of Sweden is the 2015 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Movies/TV Shows May 25, 2015

Viking Ring Excavated In Sweden Found With Mysterious Islamic Engraving

The Vikings had connections to the Islam world? Yes, according to a finger ring discovered in a grave in the ancient Viking trading center in Birka, Sweden.

March 19, 2015

First Tree Samples Reach Svalbard Doomsday Vault in Arctic Archipelago

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which was built to store millions of seeds from around the globe, has received its first tree samples, the Norway spruce and Scots pine seeds, for safe-keeping.

Earth/Environment March 3, 2015

Shake It Off Fun And Adam Levine Toasts ICYMI This Weekend

From Adam Levine's champagne toasting ways, to a Dover police officer grooving to Taylor Swift, these are the weekend's greatest videos on the web.

Internet Culture January 18, 2015

The Shutdown of The Pirate Bay Did Nothing: Here's Why

The Pirate Bay is a big part of torrenting and file-sharing history, but that doesn't mean its absence will have an effect on torrenting and file-sharing in general. Here's why the shutdown of The Pirate Bay did nothing.

Internet December 23, 2014

What Is The Gävle Yule Goat, And Why Do Vandals Keep Burning It Down?

In the city of Gävle, Sweden, there's a tradition of building a gigantic Yule Goat out of straw. Unfortunately, there's also a tradition of illegally setting the Yule Goat on fire and burning it to the ground.

Internet Culture December 19, 2014

History of The Pirate Bay: Internet Outlaw or Internet File-Sharing Freedom Fighter?

The Pirate Bay is offline, having been raided for a second time in its history. But as its history reveals, it's been adept at hurdling the threat of legal action and law enforcement activity. The service, which is now one of the largest file-sharing sites, comes from humble beginnings.

Internet December 17, 2014

Pirate Bay Now Calling Costa Rica Home? Controversial Site's Future in Limbo

After suffering possibly its most devastating raid to date, The Pirate Bay finds sanctuary in Costa Rica for now. A Pirate Bay co-founder isn't happy with what the file sharing service has become.

Business Tech December 10, 2014

In Light Of #GamerGate, Sweden Takes Steps To Promote Gender Equality In Video Games

Many academics and representatives of Sweden's gaming industry are joining together to not only promote gender equality in video games, but to also label video games that promote gender equality.

Geek November 14, 2014

Swedish woman gives birth to baby using transplanted womb: A first!

A 36-year old woman from Sweden who was born without a uterus successfully gave birth to a live baby boy via cesarean section after receiving a womb transplant last year.

Life October 4, 2014

Sweden looks into possible Ebola case

A suspected Ebola case has been reported in Sweden. The suspected patient confirmed that he recently traveled to one of the Ebola hit African countries.

Life September 1, 2014

Swedish goofball has 63 first names, including 'Kim-Jong,' 'Iron Man' and 'Shredder'

If there were a World Cup for longest legal name changes, this Swedish man would win. His new moniker has a whopping 63 first names.

Internet Culture July 4, 2014

2,000-year old death shroud from Paracas civilization goes on display in Peru

A 2,000-year old Paracas death shroud, previously displayed in a museum in Gothenburg, Sweden, was returned to the Peruvian government and will be put on display.

Arts & Culture June 18, 2014

2000-year old Peruvian funeral shroud reveals mastery of Paracas artisans

A funeral shroud created 21 centuries ago shows the master works of the craftspersons in the mysterious Paracas culture of Peru.

June 18, 2014

Hair dye remains a cancer-causing risk to hair stylists, says new research

A new Swedish research study claims carcinogens in hairdressers' blood could be tied to the hair dye and hair curling products inherent in their occupation. They recommend further research to assess potential higher risks of cancer.

Life June 11, 2014

Swedish king Erik IX murder mystery may be solved by DNA testing

Erik 9th was murdered in 1160, and little is known about his life or reign. So, how can 850 year-old remains help medical research today?

April 28, 2014

Swedish cosmetic company wants to brighten the moon: Science or just a marketing event?

In a bid to bring down electricity costs and the carbon footprint caused by maintaining streetlights, a Swedish company has proposed a strange and otherworldly solution. The company says the Moon should be brightened.

Space April 24, 2014

Sweden’s WizzCom makes 3D TV without the glasses, possible

Sweden's WizzCom 3D has launched a series of monitors delivering 3D imaging without the need for those pesky glasses.

Gadgets April 12, 2014

Permafrost thawing leading to additional global warming?

Is permafrost melting in polar regions leading to more global warming? A new study shows that is exactly what is happening - but why?

Earth/Environment April 8, 2014

Swedish researchers find 180 million-year-old fern fossil with intact nuclei and chromosomes

Swedish researchers have discovered a remarkably well preserved fern fossil. Many of the fern’s cellular components were also intact allowing scientists a glimpse of the inner workings of a 180 million year old plant cell.

Animals March 23, 2014

Volvo self-driving cars set to burn rubber on Swedish roads soon

Volvo said that as a pilot project, it will release 100 self-driving cars on public roads in everyday driving conditions around the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

FUTURE TECH December 3, 2013

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