Donald Trump's journey through American politics has been ... interesting. Some people think he's a straightforward leader with big ideas, while others think he's basically the worst thing that could ever happen to the country.

Regardless of what you think of him, there's no denying that he's made this year's election a lot more interesting to watch.

What if you were actually able to control Trump's campaign? Or, what if you were able to control Trump after he had won the election? Or, what if you could play as an immortal version of everyone's favorite hairpiece and shape the country as you see fit?

That's exactly what the "Donald Trump's America" mod for Civilization V does: instead of brokering for peace, managing your economy or starting a war with neighboring countries, players take control of a near-omnipotent Trump as he desperately struggles to make America great again. It's about as scathing a parody as you can get ... and it only gets better when you see what's been added into the game:

Right from the start, players enter into one of Civilization V's "Golden Ages," which are basically huge industrial boosts granted by a happy population. Usually, these Golden Ages only last for a short time, and players must do everything they can to maintain them — in Donald Trump's America, however, the player's first Golden Age lasts forever. It does come with a few small caveats: your population's Unhappiness is raised to 100 percent, and the only way to decrease it is to build major cities.

America's standard military has also been replaced with the Border Patrol: the soldiers may not be quite as strong as the game's regular militia, but they start with a few nice bonuses to skills like sight and movement. Oh, and just like the real world, they gain a combat bonus on friendly territory.

Finally, there's the Great Wall of America: yes, Trump's grand vision for border control has finally been realized. Building the wall is a massive undertaking, but it has its benefits: namely, a huge boost to population Happiness and extra combat bonuses.

For some, Donald Trump's America may hit a bit too close to home — but for anyone who's already seen everything that the standard Civilization V has to offer (or just wants to laugh at Trump some more), it might be worth checking out. If you'd like to try it, you can find it over at Ballistic's Steam Workshop page.

Thanks to Kotaku for finding the mod.

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